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STGCC 2013 day 2: A Marvel-lous day goes Batty

Day 2 of the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention might have started a little different from day 1, or even past editions: The annual Army Half Marathon was held that exact same morning which meant traffic was horrible for many driving in. But without the Hot Toys queues to cause chaos in what is – as CB Cebulski put it in the press preview – a huge geek love-fest, things started nice and smooth with the Marvel panels kicking off the festivities. But things weren’t always going to go Marvel’s way, with a certain Chiropteraic superhero taking a bit of the spotlight …

First up was the man CB Cebulski himself with the “Marvel: Our Universe” panel where he discussed Marvel’s upcoming slate of movies and comics, and took audience questions. His panel didn’t start exactly as planned – a call from Agent Coulson indicated that we did not have the right clearance level. It’s all fun and games of course, as CB started quizzing the crowd about various bits of trivia from way back in Marvel’s histroy. Signed covers and tickets to the Agents Of Shield screening were given out, and that really set the mood for the rest of the day. We were there to live-tweet the panel, so we’ll just let the tweets do the talking:

While that concluded the first panel, CB was back onstage later that day, this time joined with Marvel artists Joe Madureira, David Mack and Tan Eng Huat for a spotlight on Marvel artists. It’s somewhat a repeat of a similar topic from day 1 which had Joe Madureira and David Mack on the panel, and it wasn’t the original list of creators we were promised, as Leinil Yu and Stephen Segovia were expected to be there. While the slide maker was on top of things, someone should have told the announcer, as Leinil had already earlier tweeted that he wouldn’t be able to make the show.

Nevertheless, the panel was a whole lot of fun to watch, from Batman threatening to overwhelm the panel to the David Mack / CB Cebulski love-fest. We live-tweeted this panel too, so here goes:

The rest of the day passed like a blur for us – with most of the time spent checking out cosplayers and trawling the Artists Alley to check out all the great art and talent on show. A highlight, definitely, was catching the moment when good old Artoo was led to meet Nathan Hamill – Nathan might look like he was feeling suspicious right here, but he burst into a huge smile right after. An awesome moment thanks to our 501st Legion (who then promptly queued for a sketch).

And we just have to feature this: The cutest Catwoman (Catgirl?) ever! There’s another picture of her meeting Catwoman in the gallery below.

And … that’s it for our STGCC day 2 highlights! Hope you had as much fun as we did. So it’s Cavalock, Direcow and Kakita signing off for now :)

We still have some things in store, but meanwhile, check out the day 2 gallery:


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