Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack released on Spotify

Ahead of the release of Beauty and the Beast this week, the original motion picture soundtrack has finally appeared on Spotify. It’s the perfect mix of classic and new, with familiar tunes like “Gaston”, “Be Our Guest” and of course, the titular “Beauty and the Beast” sung by the new film’s cast. Some of these songs have additional lyrics, which may …

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Beauty and the Beast review: Ever Just the Same, Ever a Surprise

Beauty and the Beast review

A review by the Lois and Clark of HereBeGeeks – Sarah and Peter.   26 years have passed since the iconic animated classic Beauty and the Beast was released, and it still remains a significant cornerstone of Disney’s treasury. It is the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, the first animated film to win a …

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Absolute Comics Trends on Singapore Twitter – Due To The Worst Reason Possible

So this happened: That’s right – in between Singapore Twitter trends #KimJongNam and #CAPAsummit (not, unfortunately, the hashtag for my ultimate dream fantasy Captain America summit), is the name “Absolute Comics”, a local comic shop currently based in Plaza Singapura. A comic book shop, trending on Singapore Twitter! Unfortunately, it was trending due to their review of Logan – a review that …

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Logan review: X hits the spot

Seventeen years of X-Men movies later, and here we are: It’s Wolverine’s swan (X-Cutioner’s?) Song. Here, Hugh Jackman returns to this beloved character to bookend his mutant adventure in what is a fitting farewell to the Logan. In Logan, it’s 2029, and there are no more new mutants. Wolverine is in hiding in Mexico, his body wrecked by battle scars and …

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The Lego Batman Movie: Not the hero we deserve, but the one we need

 In a time when the movies are dark (see Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad) and real life even darker (see just about any news channel), there comes a time when the world needs a movie… with shredded abs. The Lego Batman Movie is that movie. A tangential spin-off to the Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie shows Batman (again) …

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