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Be as snazzy as Tony Stark with these cufflinks

Ever since us geeks burst on the local scene, we’ve managed to effortlessly marry geekiness with style. (Ed: Nope, not even close.) Even then, part of the reason why we are considered style mavens is due to our carefully curated ensemble of superhero T-shirts. But when the time comes for us to look sharp, that’s when the iron suits come off and …

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Attack On Titan season 2 hits ANIPLUS on Apr 2

Hit anime series Attack On Titan returns for season 2 on Apr 2 (Sunday). The good news is, it’ll be simulcast on ANIPLUS right after it airs in Japan. According to the channel, the broadcast premieres on Apr 2 at 6pm (Singapore time), with an encore at 10pm. ANIPLUS also revealed the latest poster art for the series, together with …

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Hacksaw Ridge review: Where war and peace collide

Hacksaw Ridge is a war movie where the lead character won’t bear arms. A curious premise, but it turns out it’s worth a shot: The movie – Mel Gibson’s first directorial attempt in over a decade – is definitely a compelling watch.  The film tells the amazing true story of Desmond Doss, the first and only “conscientious objector” to win the Medal of Honor during …

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Catch episode 1 of Halfworlds season 2 for free online

Dark action fantasy series Halfworlds is back for its second season later on Sunday night (Jan 22) on HBO Asia, but if you’re not a subscriber there’s going to be a way for you to catch the first episode for free online. The first episode will be available online on www.hboasia.com from Jan 30, a week after the original broadcast and …

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This Batman V Superman fitness tracker acts as an EZ-Link card

If you’ve always wanted to feel a little more super-heroic when riding the bus, there’s a new fitness tracker that might be right up your alley.  EZ-Link on Thursday (Jan 19) announced the Batman V Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link. It’s created in collaboration with Watchdata Technologies, a Beijing digital authentication and transaction security company based in Singapore. The new BvSFTXEZL …

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