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Lightsabers to set Singapore’s skyline alight for Star Wars Day

It’s May 4th – which means Star Wars Day is back again! While we’ve had lots of fun fan-run events over the past few years, this year’s one is set to be a doozy. Disney have teamed up with the Singapore Tourism Board to bring Star Wars Day to Gardens by the Bay for our biggest edition yet. The key highlight? …

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: The review

2014’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was the surprise hit that shouldn’t have worked, and like any successful compilation mix-tape, there must be a second volume. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 now has the tall order of besting the first set of “greatest hits” – does writer/director James Gunn pull it off? Let’s just say that it’s more than worth it to stay …

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Art of Assassin’s Creed on display again in Singapore – now bigger and better

We’ve had a few Assassin’s Creed art exhibitions in Singapore – from 2013’s “Art in Video Games” to last year’s mini-show as part of GameStart. But if you think you’ve seen it all, think again – Ubisoft Singapore have launched a brand-new exhibition with a more in-depth look at the art behind Assassin’s Creed. It’s a treat – whether or not …

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Epic Game Of Thrones pencil microsculpture exhibition launches in Singapore

HBO Asia always have something special planned with each new season of Game Of Thrones – this time it’s something on a much smaller scale. Yet, it’s no less epic – they have commissioned Russian artist Salavat Fidai to create 16 themed sculptures from Game Of Thrones, all etched on the tips of pencils. If it sounds crazy, it is. While …

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Don’t busk illegally at Tampines – use BeLive instead

If you’re thinking of showing your talents, but ain’t ready for the streets, BeLive might be the app for you. The made-in-Singapore “virtual busking platform” is hoping to allow anyone to start their own channel to build their own fans. On it, streamers can receive virtual gifts – like flowers, teddy bears and mansions (?!) – from fans. Those fans will be …

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