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Real Escape Game’s werewolf night scares up a success

If you haven’t gotten your tickets for this installment of the Real Escape Game: Escape From The Werewolf Village, now might be a very good time to start: This installment definitely was a challenging one that at no point became dreary or unexciting – in fact it was nail gripping and testing throughout.

And we’re not just saying that just because most of us came through unscathed. While I was teamed with some family and friends and some random strangers, we managed to work together and come up with the final solution (which we actually had early on, funnily enough) – so I must say it’s all about working as a team and doing your part, and just helping the team to move forward. Here’s a picture of Wai accepting the accolades for what was definitely a team effort.

In the second installment of the Real Escape Game (REG), we’ve moved away from mysterious chapels to take on blood-thirsty werewolves. While held at *Scape this time around, the setting was far from boring. CHIJMES the first time around was a great place to have it, but in *Scape we have the addition of video clues and day/night sequences which really added to the atmosphere. Imagine the moments when you’re cracking your brains and the room suddenly goes dark – that only means less time to solve the mystery, not to mention losing your train of thought.

Great mental duress aside, the puzzles this time around were also pretty fun. While there were some similar ones to the first installment, there was just enough to keep us trying to think out of the box (or think to get into the box) – enough such that the success rate seemed pretty low, given that quite a lot more people were playing per sessions. What added to the difficulty – unlike the first time around where you could keep giving answers until you found the right one, this time you didn’t know until the full hour was up, and your answer sheets were collected. Tons of second guessing ourselves there.

So kudos to the REG team, and also to the campy emcee Asher, for setting the mood and such tough puzzles for what we thought was a great way to spend the night with friends.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t gone, it’s time to gather your brainy, geeky friends and take on the challenge of the Werewolf Village – and you’d be surprised who comes up with the answers.


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