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Grab your games to go with Origame’s Board Game Getaway Carrier

Singapore-based board game designer and retailer Origame has launched it’s Board Game Getaway Carrier. Priced at S$30, it looks … very familiar.

In short, if you want to bring your boxes of boardgames out to a party, considering Grabbing the Board Game Getaway (BGG) Carrier. This bag would also do the job if you need to Deliveroo some of your favourite games to a friend.

You can stack as many as 3 board games measuring 30x30x30cm each in the BGG Carrier. Its inner lining is insulated, waterproof, and scratch resistant. Twin zips run from the top cover along the sides of the back panel, allowing you easy access to games. There’s also a front pocket for you to fit packs of the smaller card games. Not transporting games? The carrier folds down flat for storage. Alternatively, you can use it for a part-time job of your choosing.

Origame Board Game Getaway carrier
The Origame Board Game Getaway carrier. (Photo: Origame)

And I guess you could say that Origame are (Food) Pandering to their fans. The BGG Carrier is also sold in bundle form with a smorgasbord of Origame’s food-related games. Included are Chope!, Kopi King, Durian Dash, and Wok and Roll. Plantopia is also in the package for those who love their greens. The bundle costs S$120, for a S$145 value, and also includes the Origame-exclusive bonus packs for each game.

And if you plan your packing well, you can even use the bag to bring hot snacks and cold drinks to your party! Make sure you follow the prevailing social distancing measures. That is, unless you’re just making a delivery!

The Origame Board Game Getaway Carrier is now on sale at S$25 (discounted). You can also check out our coverage of Origame’s previous release, Plantopia here.


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