The Walking Dead: Mission Survive will test your mettle

Fans of The Walking Dead might remember Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln selfie-ing up a storm in Singapore, or the escape game organised for fans for the last season. If you’ve been waiting for something more, you’re in luck – The Walking Dead Mission Survive is set to be the most intriguing challenge for Walking Dead fans yet.


Ahead of the premier of season 6 of The Walking Dead on Oct 12 at 9pm, The Walking Dead Mission Survive is a time-based game set to take place on Oct 3 around the Marina Bay area. To join, you need to form “clans” of up to five to take part in up to 30 mental and physical challenges, while racing against the clock – and armed with a special app.

The challenge itself will take place from 9am to 2pm. Within it, clans will get 150 minutes to score as many points in each challenge, with more points resulting in the unlocking of more stations and a safe zone where they can be safe in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. With the app, clans will be able to view secret locations, newly unlocked stations, and their number of points in comparison with the rest of the competitors.

Three types of stations are present – Quest Stations where players can earn points based on tasks, Weapon Stations where clans can obtain weapons for their missions, and Global Missions, where the challenges are based off the first five seasons of the TV series, so I hope you’ve been watching closely!

You don’t have to clear all stations, but the top five teams with the most points will stand to win prizes.

Registration to take part is from now till Sep 25, 11.59pm – do remember to form your teams first. You can sign up at or now. Registration is free, but all players must complete their Participant Release Form on Oct 3. Participants must be from 18 to 59 years old.

Want a leg up to winning? Our friends at Singtel have provided a little cheat sheet that might just give you a hand.

1. PLAN AHEAD – Fox will be releasing an event map with station locations here … soon. It’s going to help you if you plan ahead.
2. STRATEGISE – Global Missions earn the most points, followed by Quest Stations then Weapon Stations.
3. SUBSCRIBE – Bring a Singtel TV subscriber along – each subscriber you recruit nets you 24 bonus points. Five subscribers? A whopping 120 points. What.
4. BINGE – Time to start watching old seasons. If you can’t tell Carl from Carol, you’re in trouble.
5. PHONE – No, not phone it in, but make sure you have your phone fully charged and with the The Walking Dead Mission Survive Game app loaded.
6 DRESS FOR SUCCESS – One event T-shirt will be provided for each clan member, but survival happens rain or shine, so be prepared for inclement weather! Or even the haze?

The Walking Dead season 6 premieres Monday, Oct 12 at 9pm on FOX HD (Singtel TV CH 330).


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