The Geek Seek: the week in geek TV ending 6 June 2010

What an amazing, amazing week for TV. So much to watch, and the glut of shows really makes me proud to be a geek right now. All that wham bam pow action with thoughtful serious discussions on how science changes the way we live and modifies the future into something we could never imagine – all that heady stuff wrapped up in nice confectionery of modern people in modern bodies on finely crafted sets against expertly rendered 4-dimensional backgrounds. Or, at least, that’s what we’d all be hoping happens every week… but what happened?

Doctor Who

And that’s pretty much all I caught this week. Good time to be catching up on comics – but it’s a good thing to celebrate quality over quantity, and this week we did. Written by Richard Curtis (writer of Mr Bean, Love Actually, Notting Hill etc), there really was a strong and simple story behind it all. The MacGuffin was simple if rather throwaway – an alien which had gone on a rampage in Vincent van Gogh’s hometown, but in the end, like many good Dr Who episodes, it’s really about the characters and how they affect each others lives, Richard Curtis seems like the perfect choice for such a story. You could pretty much guess how it would end, but at the same time you grow invested in Tony Curran’s (Scottish accented) Dutch accented Vincent. Not much here for hard core science fiction, but the old fashioned gadgetry and the further exploration of the thingamabobs and doohickeys on the Tardis console just brought out that little bit more of the Doctor. After all the very serious episodes of the past few weeks we get this – a rather light look at how the Doctor tries to change lives – without it being a catch 22, but in that contrast this episode is all the stronger. Great fun, great ending – and we learn a bit more about events which are just fixed in time. I wonder, then, due to non-linearity, if the Doctor really ended up causing van Gogh’s end just because he had realised his dream and had nothing more to look forward to? I also half expected the alien to slice off Vincent’s ear, heh.

And that’s it! Tune in next week as we probably just review one show. Again.


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