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That Week In Geek: The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Interview

I know were in the midst of the season of The Walking Dead already (and for those watching – how kick-ass is it right now?) but I thought with the opening of Twilight today in Singapore the opening paragraph of the article made perfect sense.

And yes, just when you thought the zombie craze was dead and buried (Im not sure how else to describe it) with the huge arrival of zombies in the Marvel universe and the black lanterns in DC (both of which got old fast), it reared back to life (analogy schmanalogy) and stumbled towards (yep) the TV screens of people around the world.

But you know what? As much as I hated the zombie craze (mostly how there was too much of it), all this goes to show that as much as we are sick of something, do it real well and people will definitely watch it.

It definitely helps that Kirkman is right there in the deep of things, pushing the direction of the show – not exactly in the same direction, but his mastery of the genre speaks for itself.

In the article we might not actually learn much new (since weve been having interviews since the end of season 1), but man, its always nice to hear from Kirkman, and in a local paper too! And I love the last quote.

Good times. :)


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