Resurrection rises tonight at 10pm on Lifetime

The cast of Resurrection. Photo: ABC
The cast of Resurrection. Photo: ABC

Imagine a world where all your dead loved ones start coming back to life – not as zombies (thanks, The Walking Dead) but as if they’d just woken up from where they left off. The new drama, Resurrection, premieres tonight on the Lifetime Channel at 10pm, and we managed to get a look at the first 10 minutes – here’s what we think.

Genre shows are in a weird place right now, especially those predicated on mystery – one need only look back a few years to The Event and Flash Forward to get an idea of how bad things could become. Still, there has been a revival of sorts, with shows like Under The Dome and even Once Upon A Time doing well on US television. Resurrection also got renewed for season 2 – which means it’s going to be a great time to start watching the series.

Resurrection takes place in a small town of Arcadia in Missouri, and their lives are forever changed once they realise what’s going on. The first ten minutes unfolded in a measured pace – reintroducing Kurtwood Smith (Henry Langston, father of a “dead” child) to TV audiences once again (I’d buy that for a dollar). While it’s hard to get a handle on the entire series with just 10 minutes, let’s say that there’s enough mystery and great performances that you can count me in to watch on.

Me, meeting the For(e)mans. Photo: Lifetime Asia
Me, meeting the For(e)mans. Photo: Lifetime Asia

To celebrate the launch of Resurrection in Singapore, Lifetime Asia last week organised a fan meet and greet where lucky viewers got to meet up with Omar Epps (who plays J Martin Bellamy, an immigration agent) and Kurtwood Smith. We had some shots during the event, where Epps actually promised that he brought a truckload of chewing gum. Sadly – it wasn’t the case. Colour me disappointed.

Lifetime Asia were also happy to announce that Season 2 of Orphan Black would premiere in July (less lag from the US!) and that creepy “family” drama Flowers In The Attic was coming to the network. Make sure you catch Resurrection tonight!

Resurrection Season One (Episode One) premieres in Singapore tonight (May 12) at 10pm on the Lifetime Channel (StarHub TV Ch 514).


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