Korean epic fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles comes to Netflix on June 1

The upcoming Korean epic fantasy drama, Arthdal Chronicles, is set to be released on Netflix, the streaming company has announced. Starring Song Joong-ki in his first role since the blockbuster Descendants Of The Sun, the drama will launch on June 1. Watch the teaser trailer above!

Joining Song in the star-studded cast are Jang Dong-gun (Taegukgi: The Brotherhood Of War), Kim Ji-won (the 2nd lead in Descendants Of The Sun) and Kim Ok-bin (Thirst).

Arthdal Chronicles depicts the birth of civilization and nations in ancient times. It is a story of mythical heroes, their struggle, unity and love of people living in a virtual land called Arth.

The story is centered around the ancient city of Arthdal, on Arth. Innocent-looking Eunseom (Song) is a character who relentlessly fights to protect his own tribe. Jang plays Tagon, the son of Sanung, leader of the Saenyeok tribe. Charismatic and talented, Tagon also hides a dark side – a powder keg of rage.

Alongside Eunseom and Tagon are Tanya and Taealha, played by Kim Ji-won and Kim Ok-bin respectively. Tanya is the successor of Wahan Tribe clan mother, who realises her destiny to lead and protect her own people against other powerful tribes. Taealha is the most beautiful lady in Arthdal, and has the strongest desire for power.

Arthdal Chronicles is directed by Kim Won-seok (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Misaeng). It’s written by the award-winning screenwriting pair of Deep Rooted Tree and Queen Seondeok, Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon. Kim is also known for the mega-hit drama Dae Jang Geum – aka Jewel In The Palace.

Arthdal Chronicles comes to Netflix on June 1.


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