Here Be Geeks’ best TV show of 2015

We’ve tried many ways of choosing our favourite geekdoms in years past, but this year it went down to a simple top three vote for each of us, followed by a tabulation of scores. No real arguments this way, and with that, the hive mind has chosen winners for TV shows, movies, comics and games.

It’s been a great year for geek TV, with DC continuing to make great strides with Flash, Arrow and Supergirl, while Marvel TV finally showed its mettle with a much-improved Agents Of Shield, the great Agent Carter and all those super-cool Netflix series. On the animation side, Steven Universe, One Punch Man and Rick And Morty showed just how a “kid’s medium” should never be ignored. And let’s not forget a little show called Mr Robot.


But yet, there needs to be one winner, and after tabulating the votes, we had a three-way tie for second place – so after some brain bashing, it was decided that (sorry, Steven Universe and Rick And Morty) the honour would go to …


Melvin: Every episode in this second season has been consistently above average, and The Flash ticked off all the major boxes on how to make a TV show based on a comic book. A great cast of characters – both heroes and villains – and a gripping subplot PLUS with the introduction of the multiverse and time travel, the story possibilities are endless. At this point, I can only keep my fingers crossed for a crossover with Supergirl, even though we all know it’s from another studio.


Kakita: Jessica Jones may be the most recent Marvel TV series, but it owes at least some of its success to the Netflix that started it all: Daredevil.

The first Marvel superhero series under Netflix, Daredevil was the one that really showed off how Marvel Studios’ decision to give every movie and series a unique tone was the right one. I’ve always mentioned how I felt that DC Studios’ ‘dark and darker all the things’ mentality was the wrong call. We’re already hitting peak superhero saturation point already, and trying to keep movies as tonally unique as possible is one way keep it interesting.

That’s not to say that grim and gritty is the wrong method, it just needs to suit the show. And for Marvel, Daredevil is that show. Matt Murdock had always been the gray character of Marvel, being a lawyer when law was called for, and being the devil of Hell’s Kitchen when justice was needed instead.


Plus, what’s a morally conflicted hero without a morally conflicted villain? As slimy as Tennant’s Killgrave was in Jessica Jones, his character was woefully small minded. Vincent D’onofrio’s Wilson Fisk had such a bigger, arguably better goal. He was a villain you could almost get behind. I still maintain the belief that Fisk’s origin episode was probably one of the best episodes in any Marvel TV series.

Plus, the fight scenes in Daredevil were great. Knockdown, drag out fights you could really FEEL. It was tiring, almost painful seeing Daredevil getting hit those times, but it really made him feel human.

And for that, Daredevil gets our pick for 2015. And gets us really excited for 2016.


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