Grimm: The Early Look

We’ve previously taken an early look at ABC’s Once Upon A Time, but then NBC gave a whole lot of people a chance to take an even longer look at Grimm, with the whole episode available online as long as you follow their twitter account. Grimm is set to launch on the week before Halloween (perfect timing, really), but since it’s up there on the intarwebs – why not just take a look?

Grimm is a series about storybook characters living in the real world – like Once Upon A Time, or the comic book Fables, or, well, many other TV shows, books, comics etc etc. It’s not exactly the freshest of ideas, but it’s something we haven’t seen done well on the TV for a while. Featuring David Giuntoli (a Zach Quinto / Brandon Routh mashup) as lead character Nick Burckhardt, he plays the last of the Grimms. This isn’t really spoiler territory yet as NBC has released a preview that has all the plot points of THE ENTIRE FIRST EPISODE so if you don’t want to read a review you can go watch that and figure if you like it. (BUT the preview actually uses a different song than the show, which is weird, as if they wanted to avoid THAT spoiler)

And… since you’re still here, let’s go on with the review: Grimm (thus far) is about people in red hoods disappearing.

No prizes for guessing why!

So, the Blue Blood (no-plural) have infested modern society, living among us. While some of them live without incident, others are predisposed to violence – and only the Grimms can spot them. Nick, a cop and also the last of the Grimms, gets handed the role by his aunt who enters a coma when a Blue Blood attacks her – just when he’s about to propose to his girlfriend. At the same time, ladies of all ages who wear red hoodies have been getting kidnapped / attacked. So now Nick has to solve a case and figure out what’s going on – which is when he runs into Eddie who he suspects had something to do with the abductions, but instead leads him further down the rabbit hole than he imagined.

It’s produced by the people who did Buffy and Angel, and while that doesn’t mean anything sometimes (see the Steven Spielberg produced Transformers), this time it shows. The foil for mr-rather-serious-face Nick is Eddie (Silas Weir Mitchell being all Xander-esque), and by then the show should remind you of how Buffy was tonally – and you can decide for yourself if you will like the show or not. All in all it’s a pretty fun watch, a little serious, a little kooky – this is CSI meets Buffy, and they seem to have the mix just right. So is the future Grimm? Not quite.

At any rate, you can still get a chance to view it via the NBC Grimm twitter account, so why not give it a shot?


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  1. Downloaded Grimm but have yet to watch it. Hope it’s good. Dunno how good or bad Once A Upon Time is so I’ll just wait awhile more for that. So far this new season, I’m only following Person of Interest. Great show. Parts of it remind me of how a good Punisher series would be like.

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