It’s on: Giant Robot Duel premieres Oct 18

Two years in the making, the Giant Robot Duel premiere has been scheduled for 7pm Pacific Time, Oct 17 2017 (10am Singapore time, Oct 18), on Twitch. If you tune in, you’ll get to see Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry and USA’s MegaBots, Inc. battle gigantic piloted robots.

The Suidobashi Team.

It’s going to be full-on mecha on mecha action in a huge abandoned warehouse. I mean, what reasons do you really need? 

The duel will be screened at, and if you missed it, you can catch it on the MegaBots YouTube and Facebook channels. (This won’t be live: The fight’s already happened.)

The MegaBots Inc. Team

Suidobashi Heavy Industry and MegaBots, Inc. have spent the past two years upgrading their robots for this competition. Suidobashi’s KURATAS robot has been upgraded to a 6.5-tonne, 13-foot-tall, 87-horsepower combat robot. But MegaBots’ Eagle Prime looks to be way more imposing at 12-tonnes, 16-feet-tall, and 430-horsepower. And it’s not going to be via remote control: The founders of both companies – Kogoro Kurata of Suidobashi Heavy Industry, and Matt Oehrlein & Gui Cavalcanti of MegaBots, Inc. – will pilot the robots.

Matt Oehrlein & Gui Cavalcanti of MegaBots, Inc. in the cockpit. (Photo: Greg Munson)

Check out the Eagle Prime here:

So, who do you think will win?


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