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Friendship gets magical in Singapore!

Dr._Hooves_id[1] International Friendship Day is this Saturday – and what better way to get acquainted with new friends than with them ponies from My Little Pony?

That’s right: Hasbro Singapore is holding a celebration of friendship tomorrow, Aug 3, along Orchard Road, and it’s meant to be a fun event for all, whether you’re a brony or not, so trot, don’t walk, right down.

Taking place from 2-6pm, fans are encouraged to come in whatever MLP related paraphernalia they have (costumes even), and the first 1,000 fans to take part in this will get some awesome swag (apparently this is the word to use these days, otherwise I’d go with “free gifts”), on top of getting their own “cutie mark” (I’d go with an hourglass). No word if they’ll actually place it on your butt, but I really quite suspecting the friendship on offer here ain’t going to swing that way. At any rate, if you’re there, Hasbro’s going to be looking out for tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram pics tagged with #hasbrosingapore.

If you think you’re going to go down alone – don’t be one of those neigh-sayers! Let’s just say I know quite a few MLP friends just off the top of my head (the show’s renaissance is staggering, to say the least) – Hasbro is also expecting about at least 100 people at the event’s peak (protip: It sounds like the main bit of the event will start at 3pm at Ngee Ann City Civic Centre, so you might want to focus on that) so I’m sure you’ll go home with at least a friend.

That said, if you followed us around for Star Wars Day on May 4 (aka Free Comic Book Day this year), you’d have an idea of where Hasbro staff get off their van and start giving out stuff – it might be the same again.

Apparently it’s cool to end every post with a question so … Whooves’ your favourite pony? Do points for guessing who’s mine. Also: Darn, I didn’t end with a question, did I?


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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