Dollhouse S2E12: Hollow Men

I suppose it’s only natural that after the ginormous mind f*ck of an episode that was S2E11, everything after pales in comparison. And sadly, that’s what happens to this week’s episode of Dollhouse. After the big reveal (I’m assuming everyone here has watched the previous episode), this ep is a more sedate episode of tying up loose ends, connecting the current present to the dystopic future of Epitaph 2 coming in the following weeks.

That’s not to say Dollhouse wasn’t fun to watch, though. Now that you know Boyd’s the big bad, we can concentrate on seeing how much of a Judas he really is. Several things caught my attention; how callously he uses and throws away Whiskey/Dr Saunders by first using her as what amounts to a love slave (last ep) and then just a container for the loyal lackey that is Clyde X.0 and yet how he expresses his ‘love’ for his ‘family’ (and never have I used open inverted commas with such emphasis before). The use of his pass to ‘fake’ breaking out of an electronic lock was also a creative method I would never have though of; kudos to the writers for using that.

I also liked all the bits that fleshed out characters; the return of Victor/Topher amused me greatly, the horror and despair on Topher’s face when he realised the  Pandora’s box he had opened in the remote wiping, and the ‘awww’ moment with the return of the Ballard x Millie relationship. Plus, shutting off the airconditioning to the mainframe was a great idea that Millie came up with!

Of course, the fact that there was an ‘awww’ moment should have sent warning signals, especially after last week’s episode. It still came at a surprise, especially since this death was self-inflicted, but it wasn’t a much of a jaw-dropping twist as last week’s.

I think the biggest twist though came at the end; where they wiped Boyd. And as they strapped him with explosives, the serene look of acceptance… it surprised me that I could still feel for a person as misguided (I hesitate to say evil, it seems as if he truly had good-ish intentions) and twisted as Boyd, but by God I did.

Strangely enough, the destruction of Rossum still ended up creating the future dystopia Echo and gang were trying to prevent, but I suppose that mystery is what Epitaph 2.0 is going solve.

I can’t wait.


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