Chuck S3E01: Chuck vs the Pink Slip

Well it’s been a long break from Chuck, with it not returning from the hiatus like most of the other shows, keeping track of everything that’s happened in season 2 isn’t going to be easy. And instead of sidling us slowly into warm, shallow waters, it’s time to head right into Chuck, with 3 episodes in 2 days. It’s a good thing, then, that they begin with not just the good old short clips from the previous episode, but the summation of where they’re going next in a simple line:

“I know kung fu”

I guess it was a natural progression for the series, a good reason to keep Chuck around and also keep fanning the flames of romance (and more Adam Baldwin!) But enough about last season – now with the intersect 2.0 integrated into Chuck’s brain we thrust into a world where Chuck’s… a proper spy? Did 6 months make all that difference? Spoilers after the break.

And…. so they sweep the rug from right under our feet right after as Agent Carmichael isn’t quite ready to be the agent yet, even with all his posturing. And we’re enlightened about another development over those 6 months , as we see hints of what might have happened between Chuck and Sarah. I was rather stunned by what Chuck was doing, and while him joining Sarah would have pretty much ended the show forever,  I couldn’t help but still continue to root for them. Does anyone else agree that the scene was very well shot, warm sunrise cliches notwithstanding? And the adventure continues in regular Chuck style – stolen glances, awkward fish out of water moments, and Casey glaring and grimacing, nothing we haven’t seen before, but in this familiarity breeds a warmth that not many other shows have. And we’re also served information on how the new superpower Chuck is going to work – or not at all, especially since flashing for skills is not quite on command yet, much to their detriment, many, many times. This is going to be par for the course from here on out, I guess.

As an introduction to the new season and how the new mechanics are going to work this episode can’t be faulted at all, and leaves the door open as we anticipate the rest of the new season. Snappy music, great cast, more angry looks from Casey, back with the zany crowd at the Buymore (convenient reason to go back, really) and the love story that just goes on and on – Chuck is back, and it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride. May greater hijinks ensue!

Best moment: Chuck knows guitar! Spanish guitar!

Saddest scene: iPhone into the water!! OHNOZ. Actually, Chuck saying no to Sarah.

Weirdest scene: the Buymore sells…. Cheese balls.

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