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Workshop Wednesday: Unicycle Kans!

In this week’s Workshop Wednesday, we look at modding up more Kans. In keeping with my Sentikans (or Kantinels as some like to call em) and not willing to use any vehicles ‘straight from the kit’, I’ve decided to mod these as well. In this case, because my army IS called the ‘Bruvverhood of Steal’, they’ll be kiiinda similar in silhouette with the Securitron from Fallout New Vegas.

Which means Unicycle Kans! Or Unikans. Or Monokans. I’m not sure what I should be calling these yet.

This build is a lot easier than my previous Sentikan build, since that one required lots of plasticard. Except for the leg/wheel swap, everything else is as-is.

All you really need is the Kan body, the wheel prongs, and a wheel. I found that flamethrowers make really good wheel prongs. In this case they were from Burnaboys, but you can use skorchas, and even imperial flamethrowers. I’m sure that any long barreled thing with sufficient detail will work too. The wheels were from extra trukk wheels I had lying around (and bike wheels were a bit too weedy).

Drill a hole through the wheel, as well as holes in the soon to be wheel-prongs and corresponding areas below the Killa Kan; this is so you can pin everything. Make sure it’s pretty tough brass rod, this will serve as your supporting structure after all.

Also remember to lop off the ball join that the legs would have connected to; it looks a bit weird otherwise. To cover the hole that creates, as well as to give some additional detail, I used plasticard and plastic tube to make it look like the wheel spoke swivels around that hinge.

I also used plasticard and greenstuff to make a sort of ‘monitor’ to replace the Killa Kan’s usual visor. This is just so it looks that much more like the Securitrons.

Of course, always remember to magnetize your arms! Makes it all much easier to record ‘weapons destroyed’ results, as well as provide weapon options to your army. As usual, mark the polarity of your magnets to make sure they go in the right way, and get a drill bit of the same diameter (maybe even a bit more) as your magnet and you’re golden. The ball and socket join of the Killa Kans make it such that the fit is tight enough that the arms don’t even swivel that much.

After that it’s prime, and you’re good to go!


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  1. I like the looks of those, very unique and interesting. I think a few of those rolling around the battlefield will be very fun to watch!

    1. Haha same! And they’re so easy to make. I’m tempted to make another set of them! I’ve got 3 more wheels from the trukk kit after all. =p

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