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Workshop Wednesday: Kitbashed Battlewagon Part 2

A continuation from last week, I decided to go with my original turret to make the silhouette slightly lower and more tank like, so it’s on to the detail work.

First up, a whole lot of plasticard and rivets to make it look less like a random box.I also used random ork armor plates to ork it up, together with an Ork banner that I molded a light into (the ork eye searchlight of doooooom).

The sides also get some random detail work to give it a bit more interest.

I fixed the front ram prow with some proppa plasticard. Also, I’m not a fan of deffrollas… as in I like the rules but I never thought they really looked that great, so here’s my count-as deffrolla: a blast shield that the orks strapped some rokkits and random explosives to. The assumption is that they ram something, the explosives go off, and then the orks laugh and install more explosives after that. If you notice I also gave the battlewagon a searchlight eye to go with its explosive mouth. I always like giving ork vehicles faces.

Here’s some other angles on the tank. You can see the detailwork on the tracks, sides with the rivets and random armor plates and exhausts as well. The hatches on the main hull will just be bluetacked, in case I ever want to add big shootas, and rokkits and the like to the wagon.

And here you can see how the blast shield lifts up to disgorge the orks from their assault ramp. WAAAAAAGH!

Next up: paint!


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