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Workshop Wednesday: Journeyman League Entry 9

I have to admit; I expected people to start finishing up minis closer to the end of the Journeyman League, but I never thought I’d get THIS many replies in the last week! I’ll lead the charge with Wil’s stuff, since he seems to be the most prolific (and one of the best) painters we have.

We start off with his Calaban. He’s expanded past his Cryx into Everblight, Trolls and now even has some Crocodilian lovin’. I like how this was supposed to be his dip army and how as he puts it he ‘couldn’t bring himself to do it’. I’ll have to say, it’s a damn sight prettier than it woudld’ve been if it were dipped.

He’s also got a Boneswarm all done up, as well as a really nice Tython. Evidently will hasn’t forgotten his loyalty to the Legion. And with all of these models he PULLLLLS into the lead!

Speaking of the legion, Jon’s back in the painting saddle with this nicely modded Kallus. It’s always nice to see some modelling changes on a model, and this is no exception.

Zi Yi continues the borkeness of Retribution with not one, but TWO Magehunter Assassins! I will be looking forward to seeing them in person, but not particularly to facing off against them. ;)

And this is one I didn’t expect, Ethan has been PAINTING UP A STORM. This is like some sort of dark horse catch up from the back! Not just one, but TWO units, a solo and a Heavy! This probably fulfils a 35 point list right there! Much kudos to Ethan to that.

And extra Kudos for a really really cool colour scheme. I think the whole expeditionary force vibe coming off them. :)

As we close in on the finishing line it looks as if Wil’s about to win this, but I think it’s possible that someone might still give him a run for his money. And remember, you guys still have up till Saturday to get more stuff painted, and turn up for the Finale event for the journeyman!

Wil: 40 (7/33)
Alvin: 33 (18/15)
Ethan: 28 (16/12)
Jon: 26 (8/18)
Derek: 24 (17/7)
Shermin: 19 (15/4)
Benjamin: 17 (7/10)
Elliot: 17 (13/4)
Steven: 15 (15/0)
Zi Yi: 15 (5/10)
Aaron: 14 (14/0)
Me: 10 (0/10)
Chiang Kee: 8 (8/0)
Kian Kok: 7 (7/0)
Cockroach: 7 (6/1)
You Cai: 6 (6/0)


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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