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Workshop Wednesday: How to Kitbash Ork Lootas from Burnas (Part 2)

A continuation from last week’s Workshop Wednesday, this week it’s painting up the Ork Lootas.

As usual, start off with airbrushing one or two colours. This time it’s blue for the weapons and brown for the Orks (doing both the bases and the pants/cloth) at the same time. Granted, it’s a little bit monochromatic, which doesn’t give a lot of contrast, but most of attention will be on the weapons anyway, and with 15 (or 45) lootas you do what you can to lighten your workload.

Here you can see how the zenithal spraying of the brown allows for some highlighting of the Orks. If you’re lucky and can do a thin enough coat of green for the skin, the shading actually translates into highlighting for the skin as well.

And here’s the blocking of the other basecoat colours for the rest of the Orks.

I decided to take a bit more time to give the Orks the fallout vault dweller shirts. These are the bruvverhood of steal after all.

And then finishing up the shading and highlighting…

And a final airbrush for glowy OSL to provide one last level of eye-catching ‘pop’ and they’re done! What do you guys think?


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