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Workshop Wednesday: How to Kitbash Ork Lootas from Burnas (Part 1)

This is an unfortunate time for kitbashed Orks, with the new Codex coming up sometime in the middle of the year you never know what’s going to get the 6e shaft. Still, kitbashing is goal in and of itself, and well… no Big Mek worth his salt would want to go into a game with everything that was stock, and sometimes it even saves money!

Here, I take the lootas box and (kind of) double the value by turning the burna bits into loota bits too. Granted, you need additional weapon bits, but I’m assuming any Big Mek would have a good enough bit box. More under the cut.

You assemble the lootas the normal way, then take use the bodies from the basic Ork boys kit as the base for the models. Then comes the FUN part.

Here are some of the bits I used: Burna bits from the box (as mentioned), and some random additional parts. I have a plasma cannon, and some tau ion cannons, fusion blasters and flame throwers.

Cut out the front part of the Ork burnas off, and try to cut the weapon bits off the Space Marine or Tau bits in such a way that it matches. Don’t worry if it’s a bit messy, just armor plate it up and it’ll look suitably Orky. That’s the best part of Orks.

Here’s how I chopped up the parts to match the fusion blasters.

And here’s the rest of the 4 burna arms. The other 2 are from big shoota hands with suitably dakka weapons (miniguns and heavy bolters).

This is my favourite Ork. He thinks the plasma cannon gives him skyfire! Lol!

Next up: Paint!


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