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This Just In: WH40k Grey Knights and WM Wrath!

Stop the presses! The guys at Privateer Press have been kind enough to show off some of the new info from the latest No Quarter, and it seems as if that we’ll be getting lots of info for Wrath in the next issue. I mean, just look at the cover!

Looks like we’ll be seeing details of some Warmachine: Wrath models, and hopefully that includes that nice looking Retribution Warcaster on the front. Other things include the very intriguing concept of MULTIPLE tier lists for one warcaster (and it looks like our very favourite gunslinging Cygnaran anti-hero will be getting a new one to play with).

What seems like the biggest deal though would be the sneak rules on how Ranking Officers work. Like all of us guessed, they act as UAs on merc units, converting them into ‘faction’ units for the respective faction. Importantly, they also gain fearless or AD traits if they were present in the original merc unit. And of course, they provide additional buffs to the unit in question.

Warhammer 40k is no slouch either. With Grey Knights coming in April it looks like I have another strong contender for ‘dream faction I want to play in 40k’. It beats out Blood Angels because they’re definitely going to be stronger in the niche of ‘tiny amount of models to build and paint’ that I was looking for, and if rumors are anything to be believed they actually look like they could be competitive on the gaming scene! The only thing I’m not looking forward to would be like $20 or more per model cost, since GW is renowned for gouging people with respect to new armies…

We’ll bring you more discussion and hopefully more info come our traditional Saturday week in review, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: I really had no other place to put it, so if you haven’t seen [Penny Arcade] Gabe’s fanart of the Harbinger yet, you really should. Hit up his DeviantArt for a larger picture.


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