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The Pinker Side of Cryx

Here’s some Cryx, and I think they’re probably a bit of a deviation from the usual undead monstrosities you’re used to seeing. These were (are) for someone else, and her only request was that they be purple and pink. You might balk at the idea, but as colours go they go together surprisingly well.

You might have seen Zoroastre’s pink Cryx, and while we generally have the same colour scheme, I was going for something that was less saturated.

They also all have funny names, like Teapot for the Defiler, and so on, so I figured it would be a good practice of freehanding to try painting on some of these nicknames onto their hull. Incidentally, these were also to be used as battlebox demos, so I went with simple colours rather than crazy display level skills, especially since they’re meant to be handled regularly.

The purple was a very dark purple (Liche Purple), highlighted up with a lavender colour. The pink was a very dark, highly saturated pink called sunset red in the Vellejo Model Colours range, but that’s easily lightened with either carnal pink (P3) or pure white.

I’m pretty happy with the colour selection above. What’s really interesting is that you can get a very good colour range of cool to warm and dark to light when you mix Liche purple with the Sunset Red. Here I did a blend on Deneghra’s skirt where it goes from purple to magenta to pink, and it gives a nice interesting glow to the billows.

And then some quick flesh tones and metals and you’re done!

What you guys might find interesting is also that one can pull off a decent ‘blighted gold’ colour with just normal gold paint and a selection of inks! Gold paint (be it GW, PP or whatever) is primarily yellow, and so if you want to push it ever so slightly into the green (corroded/blighted) range, just put a tiny, TINY drop of blue ink. Too much and you get shiny green metal. This can also be done to push gold into the warmer range with brown inks as well. =)

That’s it for today, hope you like the models. Also, were the painting tips useful, and would you look forward to more tutorials and stuff?


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