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The Geekly News: 23 May 2010

It’s been rather dry the past few days, and other than a few reviews of the Losers (hopefully coming soon from us) there hasn’t been much else of note. But today’s The New Paper has a short op-ed (or a humour column) about Board Gaming. It’s not clear what writer Ho Lian Yi really thinks about board gaming, seeing that while he does say he’s really into gaming he’s actually still dreaming about the World Cup – there’s nothing exactly wrong with him having ranked his priorities as such, but it’s obvious that gaming isn’t a sufficient distraction for him.

Given the article’s length I don’t think it really manages to attract anyone to playing Race for the Galaxy or to game. Still, Race is a really fun game and once one gets past the whole “this doesn’t actually sound fun” bit it does get to be a lot of fun. And what Ho says is true too – once you start gaming, you just want to try more board games, and then collect more board games. We’ve got quite a few on our wish list as we speak – maybe one of you would like to sponsor us?

Still the timing of the piece is great, considering we just had our first board gaming get-together in months. More on that soon!

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