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Tabletop Thursday: Inspiration for Armies on Parade 2017

Last week I talked about how I came to love Blanchitsu. This week I’m going to show you the minis that directly affected how I built my Dark Mechanicum for this year’s Armies on Parade.

The Convertorum is one of the sites I regularly check. His stuff is pretty well known when it comes to Blanchitsu. He has links to Wilhelm Miniatures and many other websites that are really into the whole weird aspect of 40k. I highly recommend you check out all their projects.

Weirdingway’s Navigator Guild was also featured on the GW Blanchitsu section.

I also like Dave Taylor’s Ad Mech. Unfortunately he doesn’t do as much of his Ad Mech army now, but his earlier converted works were definitely an inspiration to me.

While not exactly Mechanicus, I am a huge fan of Morback from Les Kouzes. His Plaguebones Deathguard is AMAZING. So amazing that GW actually got him to play a major role in the release of the new line of Death Guard. He’s French though (figures that an amazing painter and sculptor comes from Europe), so remember to translate his blog.

KrautScientist from Eternal Hunt is also a great source of kitbashed and converted stuff.

There are some other models and miniatures from the Dark Mechanic that’s really good, which directly inspired some of my AOP units.

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the Soul Forge, a Dark Mechanicus themed Iron Warriors army. While the pictures no longer seem to be on the original Warseer thread, you can probably find most of the pictures on pinterest

These are some (probably not all) of the models that inspired me to build my models. They’re great creators and painters, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I do.


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