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Tabletop Thursday: Dark Mechanicus Magos and Biologis

You ever have those moments when you’re so caught up with the painting that you forget to document the process? That was it with my Dark Mechanicus Magos and Biologis. I only had a few pictures of the construction of the Biologis, built from a haemonculus, and my Magos (from a Cairn Wraith) has even fewer.

You can see here that I kept the main torso of the haemonculus, everything else had to go. I added as many Ad Mech bits as I could (and a few tubes for good measure) to get rid of the Dark Eldar silhouette. I also kept his leg off because I wanted the tubes to show him floating and add more movement.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the Skitarii Infiltrator/Rust Stalker kit is one of the best kits for Blanchitsu stuff. Full face gas masks, cyborg blades, and everything you need really. Great for humanoid sized conversions.

And here is the Biologis painted except for one bit… can you see where it’s missing?

And here the Biologis and Magos are fully painted.

So sorry for a short Tabletop Thursday this week! I’ll try to get more for you guys soon!


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