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Spore-con 2010: Steamroller Tourney!

So, Sporecon was held over two days, and while Warmachine and Hordes had a showing in the first day, it was in the second day where things really stepped up a notch.

We had 4 tables with different scenarios on each table. Switching between tables also meant that players switched scenarios and opponents, giving everyone a good range of games to play on.

We had Patrick, BK, Keith, Sherman, Wil, Gerrard, Alvin and Steven who helped act as a ringer until KK arrived later in the day.

Round 1:
Patrick (Harbinger) vs Alvin (eIrusk)
BK (Baldur) vs Wil (eGoreshade)
Gerrard (eStryker) vs Sherman (Amon)
Keith (Terminus) vs Steven (Butcher)

We see Gerrard facing off valiantly again Amon’s jacks.

Meanwhilst, BK shows Wil the speed of Circle by having the Lord of the Feast appearing in front of eGoreshade at the start of turn two.

Khador was also facing some trouble as they tried to figure out how to deal with a) Incorporeal models and b) Matrydom.

In the end, Goreshade found himself on the receiving end of Megalith, Baldur and a Woldwarden. I don’t think anyone could ever hope to stand up against 1 warlock and 2 warbeasts, and so BK found himself victorious. Khador also failed to dent the undying Menoth and Cryx horde, and so Keith, Patrick and Sherman won the 1st round.

Round 2:

Patrick (Harbinger) vs BK (Mohsar)
Sherman (Amon) vs Keith (Terminus)
Alvin (eIrusk) vs Wil (eGoreshade)
Gerrard (eStryker) vs Steven (Butcher)

The Harbinger next found herself arrayed against the forces of the Devourer, a physical mirror of the battle in Urcaen. Meanwhile, Alvin was thankful that, while plentiful, this time the things he could kill stayed dead.

We also had Keith and Patrick studying their respective scenarios intently.

Gerrard’s Cygnar was also arrayed against Steven’s Khador, but unluckily a failed assassination run left Stryker right next to Butcher. Never a good place to be. Menoth also triumph over the Circle this day, which left Patrick, Keith, Steven and Alvin as the winners of round two.

Round 3:

At the start of the last round, KK finally appeared, rushing down from the airport after touching down on the very same day. With that….

Patrick (Harbinger) vs Keith (Venethrax)
Sherman (Amon) vs Alvin (eIrusk)
Gerrard (eStryker) vs Wil (eGoreshade)
BK (Mohsar) vs KK (Amon)

The final round showed the two current undefeated players (Patrick and Keith) facing each other in a showdown. Meanwhilst, Cryx and Cygnar arrayed themselves in another grudge match…

Or maybe not as bad a grudge match as some would think, with the Deathjack being nice and friendly and giving eStryker’s lancer a biiiig hug.

Keith also managed to surprise Patrick as his soulhunters ran down 21″ right across the flank into the Harbinger’s back field before executing a charge right at her.

Which led to some SEVERE praying to the dice gods. 😉 Amazingly enough, it worked! Earning Patrick a 1 turn breather (I believe). Unfortunately that didn’t last as a pistol wraith then shot Harbie in the face.

At the same time, KK’s Amon was going all Kung-fu hero, earning him the win against BK. Sherman’s Amon didn’t fare as well, being (ironically) the softest target amongst a sea of jacks. eStryker also managed to Overload/energizer for the win against eGoreshade.

We also had a best painted model competition amongst all the players. It was a close call between the several models, but in the end Wil’s Skarlock won out, with the nice glow and colour combinations. I will have to say everyone really put in a lot of work with all their models though, and for that I’m especially happy.

Throughout both days we also had a lot of demos run, both with gamers that were thinking of picking up Warmachine/Hordes, as well as people coming in off the street.

While it was tiring, I believe any parent that is convinced that tabletop gaming is a better alternative than computer gaming is a win in my book. So is anyone that realizes that Warmachine is just as fun a game as any other games out there. =)

Of course, the prize giving ceremony! Keith got 1st, with Patrick 2nd and Alvin at 3rd. Wil also won the best painted model for WM/Hordes.

And here’s a group shot of everyone!

As a wrap up I’d like to thank everyone who managed to make Sporecon 2010 happen, as well as everyone who helped out. CK, who is tireless as a rules trencher. Steven, who managed to make time to help get an even number as a ringer, as well as Shannon, one of the most patient demoers I know. Also, my fellow Geeks, who helped up in Sporecon as well as being drafted to do demos (even though they were relatively new to the game), and last but not least PA and PI, without whom Sporecon would not have been possible.



Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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