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Tabletop Thursday: Battlewagon 4, Lightbox Shots!

The end is finally in sight for my converted battlewagon, made from munitorum containers, morkanaut, as well as chimera bits. You can check the previous posts here:

Part 1: Conversion

Part 2: Airbrush and Basepaints

Part 3: Shading and Weathering

This week all I had to do was finish the driver, and get some beauty shots of the battle in, so it’s going to be a very short post. Well, words wise anyway. There’s gonna be a lot of pictures.

Here it is finally painted up. I have to say, taking pictures with a proper background, proper lighting and a proper camera does wonders to the final picture. Aside from the addition of the driver, the amount of paint on the model is about the same as last week’s and compared to last week’s photos it’s more or less night and day.

Here’s a close up of the driver, with the usual ‘drive closer I want to hit them with my slugga!’ pose.

Some front shots. One interesting thing about the breacher battlewagon (as I’ve been calling this kitbash recently) is that because of the wedge shaped front, most of the time you can only see half of the skull in side or 3/4 profile shots. It’s only when you really take a more front-facing shot that you can see the whole thing, and then perspective makes it look a little bit wonky (in my opinion anyway).


Just because I can, here’s a funny gif I spliced together. The DOF almost makes it look 3d!

And here’s the other side of the wagon.

Lastly, Because I HAD to show the breaching battlewagon in action, here’s some before and after shots. (PS: Bloodbowl Blitzers are great models)

And because I really had do, please enjoy the gif of the boys pouring out of the battlewagon too.



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