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Privateer Press: Rounding Out the Year

It’s the start of 2011, but before we look at what Privateer Press has in store for us in the New Year, maybe let’s look at what they have (and have hinted at) in the last few weeks of last year.

First up, it looks like we’ve got a first peek (well one that isn’t concept art) at the models from Wrath, thanks to Game Trade Magazine, and it also looks like Warmachine will have its first set of Vehicles. With armored horses and an armored gun carriage, I have to say that the Khador Armored Wagon (or whatever it’s called) looks positively unstoppable. I can’t wait to see the vehicles for Cygnar and the other factions.

We also have a preview of the Cryx Scavenger, thanks to the PP Insider and certain enterprising members in the Privateer Press forum. The Scavenger looks very nice and mobile in the art, and at the very least it looks like rules are going to be very interesting. Either it has a gun or some special rules for its melee bite attack.

Speaking of PP Insider and the amazing info that’s been coming out, I have to say that it’s been releasing some of the most informative posts recently, especially from PP sculptors Brian Dugas and Sean Bullough; they’ve shared some really good sculpting tips and tricks in the Insider recently. I’ve known about using tools to create textures, but until Sean showed it off, I never thought of creating my own track out of plastic card to ensure a uniform width until. And if it’s really as Brian shows, I’m definitely going to buy some foam sealant to make some smoke to be used on my models.

Finally, one thing we forgot to mention the last time: the Ogrun Assault Corps. It looks like Herne and Jonne found a buyer for their Arquebus; even if they wanted the slightly less expensive one-cannon version. Part artillery, part melee multi-wound units, I think that they will be a lot like the Man-O-War Bombardiers: something that worries the Khadoran in me. Which is a good thing for Mercs everywhere, especially fans of Durgen Madhammer.

That’s what I love about Privateer Press. They’ve got great ideas, stuff that you don’t normally see in a wargame, and they’re more than willing to share hints and knowledge with us. 2010 was an awesome year, with the craziest release schedule I’ve ever seen in any minis company (MKII anyone?) and let’s hope that 2011 is going to be equally awesome.


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  1. The sculptingtip you have pictured is not from Brian Dugas (the master of over-inflated ego) but by their other sculptor Sean Bullough.

    1. Oh, I meant the tips mentioned were by Brian. I didn’t mean to attribute Sean’s work to Brian’s, although I can see where that could be construed. Sorry about that!

  2. I know, but one of the pics you have up, the one numbered 5 is from Sean’s sculpting tips tutorial.

    The flames are from Brians.

    1. Ohhh… my bad. Time to change it then! (thought they were from the same person)

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