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Painting Captain Gunnbjorn

This week’s Minis Week in Review is a quick run through of Captain Gunnbjorn. Less a specific WIP or how to and more of some painting colour theory and tips. (I’ve got some stuff in the works but they’re not yet ready to be shown off :()

First up: Make sure your primer isn’t powdery! I made the cardinal sin of not going back and redoing the primer (stripping is such a chore) because it really only affected the bazooka, but as you can see it ended up a little bit bumpy. I’m glad it didn’t affect the rest of the model too much.

Second thing is that I’m glad that his Khaki turned out pretty well. It’s Battlefield Brown -> Khemri Brown -> Hammerfall Khaki -> Menoth White Highlight for those people interested.

Third is that Trollblood skin (even though it’s blue) should still follow some of the rules of painting human skin for it to look realistic. Key points to note: highlight a warm colour (in this case elf flesh). Also, pushing the shadows to a purple seems to have helped.

If there’s any questions you guys have about my painting, or any requests on painting I’ll see what I can do.


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