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Grot Tanks Part 3: Paint!

Last week I showed of my completed Brotherhood of Steal Bloodbowl Team. This week we return to the grot tanks, which were converted a while back.


As usual, I did a quick zenithal highlight when priming to establish where the light was coming from. Also, the lighter undercoat helps the yellow go on a lot more easily than if it were just pure black. The I used two shades of yellow, with a darker brown for the highlights.

Masking, then the blue came on. As usual, it’s cygnar blue base and cygnar blue highlight.

This is what everything looked like after the basic airbrush. For some reason, after adding all the details and additional colours, the blue and yellow didn’t ‘pop’ as much. Not sure why. Maybe it was because there were so many other colours drawing the eye too. You can really see the size difference between the tanks here.


Quick steel drybrush for the metals, then painting up the rivets, other colours, and weathering.

God the rivets took way too gorram long.

Still, eventually I got everything completed and into my light box.

Here are the larger tanks…


And the mini kataphron grot tanks!


I really enjoyed building and painting these, and I think the tanks came out really well. I’ll have to see if I’m able to make a second set if I have more spare kataphrons and turrets.


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