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Bloodbowl Brotherhood of Steal Part 4

Before we continue with my grot tanks, I finally got some good pictures of my bloodbowl team, so it’s time to follow up Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!

First up, I really like zenithal highlighting, so that’s how I did my priming.

Then I blocked the colours in. I still like the P3 paints; Cygnar blue base and blue highlight are great bright blues, and exile blue was a nice navy. I made sure that the leather belts and stuff would be yellow though, to mimic the vault dweller colours.

The blitzers also get that extra pop of red because… well…

Red makes them go fasta, right?

And here are the finished models.

All of my guys get vault numbers at the back of them. Incidentally, they’re all actual vaults mentioned in all the fallout games.

The paint jobs on these guys are one of the best I’ve ever done. I’m really proud of them. But honestly, I think the zenithal highlights helped. And the bloodbowl figures are just a JOY to paint.

Next week: Back to grot tanks!


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