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Minis Week In Review: Tomb Kings, Thrones and Tau

If any Warhammer Fantasy player hasn’t seen the blitz of Tomb Kings on this week, then it’s very possible that they’ve been slumbering under the very same Khemrian Sands that the Tomb Kings have risen from. Or maybe real life just got in the way. But you’ll hear more about the Mummylords in a bit: right now I want to talk about the Everblight Battle Engine: The Throne of Everblight.

That’s the hugest-ass creepy gribbly thing that I’ve seen in… well, probably ever! And evidently, unlike what I guessed, Everblight seems to be pretty happy with random mutations and teeth. Especially considering the slavering maw (or three) on that. Looking at it though, I have no idea what it’s going to do. Maybe the throne oozes out instant mutation that can spawn monsters. Maybe the thing floats around and eats people. Maybe it touches them and everyone turns into eyes. With a sneaky dragon like Everblight, you never can tell.

If I read it right, this concept art was also done by Mark Tedin, who many may know from Magic. He’s always been known for his creepy stuff (well I get creeped out by him) and this one is a great par for the course. I really hope they get him to do the actual art as well.

We also see the full Cygnar Storm Strider revealed at Adepticon. It’s beautiful in its tripody war of the worlds glory.

Incidentally, if mechaniks can repair Warmachine Battle Engines, what’s gonna keep Hordes Engines alive? Human sacrifice? Food for thought.

Back to the Tomb Kings: these undead lords with the Egyptian aesthetic are back with a vengeance, with 3 multikits that can build 5 different types of models. It’s too bad some of them are really silly.

The Khemrian Warsphinx and Necrosphinx look pretty darn awesome. I’m especially a fan of that giant frightening Sphinx-Pharoah guy, who seems all levels of stompy goodness, but one thing I don’t see is how he’s going to sting anything.

The Tomb guard also seem like they’re a nice detailed elite troop release, but what I really can’t stand are the Sepulchral Stalkers/Necropolis Knights, which seem to be the silliest thing to slither. Ok I still get the Stalkers; theyre undead naga men. I’m not a fan of their oversized heads, but at least they don’t have surfing skeletons on their back. Surfing cavalry always seem silly, and I have the same issue with Warhawk Riders. Why couldn’t they have just been riding the snakes? You’re swapping out the top torso anyway, just model the legs in or something!

Another thing new Tomb King players will bemoan is the lack of an updated troops choice in this wave: it’s possible GW will release a new set of skeletons later in the future, so as to sell more of the troops, but hey you never know.

We’ve also had rumours in the works that GW will be removing metals from from their product line. I dont know what that means to current and future models that need to be done in smaller runs though; does that mean resins? Plastics? What to you guys think?

And finally one last broadside (badumtish) to be had are some details for tau. I don’t know how true they are, but if so I really like the idea of HQs making things troops. Its probably the best way to have wildly varied lists within a faction’s army. The fact that we’re hearing things about tau too may also mean that we may be seeing them before the Necrons. How does that make you feel?


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