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Minis Week in Review: November 13th

In this week’s Minis Week in Review we have a lot of Privateer Press goodies… it looks like Hordes is really getting some cool models from Skorne and Everblight.

First up, the Venator Reiver Officer and Standard. I’m not that big a fan of the model (too much skinny vampire channeling), but theVenator UA, with it’s one time mini feat snipe rule is definitely going to be useful, especially with Skorne generals that use the Reivers for fire support.

The Venator Flayer Cannon however is a very nice combination of both good rules and a good model. It’s pretty cheap, at 14″ it has pretty good range and the RAT of 7 (with range finder) means that you should generally be able to hit medium infantry and light warbeasts. You might not be able to damage beasts that much, but I guess that’s what strafe is for.

On the Everblight’s side we finally see what the new Legion warlock will be, and it looks to be a paired set. When I first saw Bethayne and Belphegore‘s art in NQ #32, I was thinking ‘MAN I hope Belphegore is a non-unique warbeast’. Everblight’s heavies are pretty similar, especially the Carnivean/Ravagore ‘chassis’. I would’ve loved having a beast with such a unique silhouette in Everblight’s toolbox. It’s too bad that he’s a unique that’s tagged to Bethayne. Still, the models (both Bethayne and Belphegor) look amazing. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do.

Circle and Trolls aren’t about to be one-upped thought. We see the Trollbloods’ Fennblade UA, which leaves me a bit undecided; on one hand I love the rules and the officer’s model, but on the other the drummer’s wounded soldier look doesn’t really work for me. Regardless, considering what they bring to the Fennblades unit, I’ve already placed a preorder for them in my LGS. 😉

Circle also has a nice little tier list up on Bell of Lost Souls, and Krueger’s tier list is looking especially interesting. It’s very specific (only ravagers and warpwolves mainly), but looks to be a stupid fast army, considering how many heavies and multiwound models the army is going to roll with. Expect to see scary melee models in your face by as fast as turn 2.

And that looks like this week’s Privateer Press pickings. Let’s see if there’s anything interesting for PP or GW next week. As usual, feel free to drop any thoughts in the comments section!


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