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Minis Week in Review: Jan 29

This week’s a bit quiet on the PP/GW front, but we still do have some nice things to look at. PP has lots of preview WIP shots of the Cygnar Storm Strider. On the GW side, we’ve got previews of the new resin pieces for Warhammer by Forgeworld, as well as some rumors.

First up: The Storm Strider! We’ve seen sneaky pics of it in insider shots and adverts but in the latest PP insider we are lucky enough to see the WIP 3D renders.

I don’t get why some people don’t like it. As a walky ball of electric death, it looks exactly like what Nemo would build (and which he probably did). I think it’s probably one of the most awesome Battle Engines out there- An innovative departure from your traditional warmachine designs and yet sharing so much in common with the faction aesthetic that you could totally see it striding (see what I did there?) into battle alongside the Cygnus’ jacks.

And now for some totally uncorroborated musings; if you look at Andrea Uderzo’s art you can see that rather than a concentrated blast of lightning it’s generating like a field of electricity that’s arcing into all the hapless Winterguard at its feet. Which means it’s going to be like some sort of aura of death for 1 hitpoint infantry. I think it’s still going to be able to fire off a tight blast ala the Death Star though. Doubt the Storm Strider would just be limited to infantry death… what do you guys think?

The rumor mill for GW seems to involve updates of the Orc and Goblin army book, as well as some Grey Knight rumours. It looks like the O&G will be expanding their spider theme, and Grey Knights will likely be the infantry munching specialists that they’re supposed to be. The big issue tho is how they’re going to deal with armor. That’s what they had problems with last time, that’s the main meta now, and that’s what they need in the new Codex.

As for Forgeworld, Warhammer Forge seems to be pretty much focused on demons. I suppose when you have funky resin and everything you tend to want to go overboard and have highly detailed monsters and everything- I can understand that mentality- but I would also like to see something other than disease-covered nurglings now and then.

The recent releases are no different. We’ve got the Bile Trolls, the Plague Toads and Plague Ogres. Similar in putrescence and gore to the Greater Unclean one. I know the category is monsters, but it’d be nice to see the detailing of resin used for some other other other armies like the Elves or Humans. That being said I bet the next few they’re working would either be more Chaos or Skaven.

And that’s it for this week’s minis week in review. I should have one or two posts next week about the new league models as every PP fan out there is gearing up for Windless Wastes (Feb 7-Mar 6), so stay tuned!


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