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Minis Week in Review: Battle Engines, Grey Knights and O&G Redux

Wow. This week is a big week for everyone involved. We’ve got more leaks of Battle Engines, as well as release dates for some of them from PP, as well as more rumors and even some (albeit blurry) photos for the Grey Knights for 40k. We’ve even got that big release of Orc and Goblins, the first new army release for Warhammer Fantasy since the last edition update.

For once, let’s start with the Games Workshop stuff. Orc and Goblins are out in full force, with them getting loads of Savage Orcs as well as what is probably the largest, creepiest spider miniature I’ve ever seen; Arachnarok. On a 10×15 cm base, it’s easily one of the largest (if not the largest) monstrous creatures to be made, and is sure to scare arachnophobes everywhere… I mean just lookit the cute scuttling baby spiders!

I have to admit I love the model, but with some minor peeves. As a biology student, the fact that it has a fleshy underbelly doesn’t work for me (Spiders aren’t supposed to have fleshy anythings!) but well GW has to take artistic licenses sometimes. Still, I would love to field this (or seing this being fielded) in a game, and I know of quite a few 40k players who are chomping at the bit to chop Arachnarok up for use as a tervigon.

Speaking of 40k, Grey Knights chatter has probably reached a fever pitch with some really blurry pictures, courtesy of heresy online. We’ve also heard lots more rumours from Warseer about the units, as well as specific rules.

Most people seem to be up in arms with the Dreadknight idea of a guy in power armor in power armor. I don’t begrudge the fact that he’s likely to be an absolute monster, but power armor in power armor, seriously? The Xzibit jokes I’ve seen so far are pretty hilarious. I do like the fact that Grey Knights seems to continue the habit of GW allowing ‘themed’ forces by playing around with the Force Organizational chart when you field certain characters though; I’ve never was a fan of Force Org charts. Forgeworld also has some new funky stuff, from more nurgle beasts to units from Imperial Armor 11.

On to Privateer Press. The Battle Engines news is still leaking out slowly and steadily. For example, thanks to retailers we know that the Khador Gun Carriage is considered a Cavalry Battle Engine, and that it’s FA2. This implies that most Battle Engines won’t have the base Cavalry rules. Still the thought of having Khador Battle Engines to ride-by-attacks and impact hits kind of frighten and excite me. And considering that it’s likely to cost somewhere in the region of 7-8 points, I don’t see how anyone will be able to take 2 in any game short of 50 points (and even then it’s pushing it).

Interestingly enough, the Gun Carriage is slated for release in April, with the Retribution Battle Engine slated for May. I wonder if any crazy dudes will be trying to get them fully painted in time for Sporecon 2011.

Continuing with more Battle Engines, we do have a CG model of how humungously tall the Menoth Vessel of Judgement is going to be. Considering the base is 120mm, I am willing to bet that the Vessel is at least 150mm tall. That’s a literal cathedral on wheels.

We’ve also got the Revenenat Crew WA, which is really a skeletal Pirate Gun Crew, so I’m also expecting more or less the same rules for that ghoulish rifleman. The Destor Thane is also released, to the relief of Retribution players everywhere. Lastly, we’ve got lots of new resculpts coming out, including some of the old light jacks in plastic.

Whew! That was a lot of stuff this week. We can only wonder if we’ll have such a bonanza again next week. What do you guys think Arachnarok, the Grey Knights and Battle Engines will be like?


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