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Minis Week in Review: April 18

Wow, some big announcements this week:


First up, Privateer Press has given us a big reveal of Hordes MKII: Primal. The cover harks back to the original primal, with an epic clash of forces between the traditional red vs blue of Hordes; Skorne and Trollbloods. I do have to say this cover by Andrea Uderzo really does match up to the awesome original by Matt Wilson. Andrea Uderzo seems to be the new artists of choice for Privateer Press. Not that I’m complaining, his stuff is always mindblowing.


We continue our Skorne love with a new Titan model. This time they’ve a great guardian beast known as the Titan Sentry. He looks to be a pretty good heavy hitter, and probably some awesome defensive abilities. I’m not sure if he’ll get shieldguard, since the Skorne already have the Cyclops brute, but I’m maybe some sort of Brace for Impact/Set Defense buff he’ll be able to hand out as an animus maybe?

Menoth don’t have to worry about them not having enough love; the Bastion Cinerators and Forces: Menoth book are due out on April 30th. Hear there were some delivery hiccups with the items and not a manufacturing issue, so we should not have a delay in the Cryx or subsequent releases. Here’s hoping!


This week looks like a Skorne and Menoth week, with the folks over at Bell of Lost Souls introing the Harbinger’s Theme List. She looks to run crazily jack heavy with a lot of Paladin Solos to back her up. I think it’s not your usual Harbinger list especially without Vassals to add another layer to the super-jack buff layer cake, but really with the Avatar of Menoth allowed inside I don’t think you can really go wrong.


Over on the GW side we’ve had some final confirmation on WHFB 8th Edition, due in July. That means we’ve got Spearhead (WH40K) in June and WHFB in July. I don’t play Fantasy, but some of the rumors I’ve read on Bell of Lost Souls seems to be pretty interesting.

Minis wise we’ve got a new release of some Orcs and Goblins stuff. The boarboys are nice but I reaaaallly like the new River Trolls. Super detailed and really characterful. I wonder if I should sub them in for my Swamp Troll for Hordes… maybe paint it up like a Giant bog trog.

We’ve also got some 40k terrain and Blood Angels models being released this week. I have to say one of the biggest reasons why I’m attracted to 40k right now is the plethora of conversions and pretty terrain GW has available for the hobby enthusiast, and this week’s release is no different. The space marine statue is just begging to be painted and broken up in a multitude of ways!


Lastly, Forgeworld has some new Tau and Ork releases. I have to admit that I tried my hand at Tau once, but ended up getting turned off by the Battlesuits. If they looked as awesome as the Forgeworld ones though I think I might have been fighting for the greater good!

That seems to be it for this week’s new GW and PP stuff. You guys excited yet? 😉


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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