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Mel’s Muses: Gen Con 2014: Let The Games Begin

Gen Con isn’t always buying the latest boardgames and exclusives, it’s also about winning tourneys, championships and gaining bragging rights at your next boardgame session with the guys, and that’s all happening in the massive event Hall E.


Just as huge if not bigger than exhibit Hall H, Hall E is where one can be crowned the X-Wing miniatures world champ or win any of the Fantasy Flight Games’ highly competitive LCGs like Netrunner or Star Wars.





There were a ton of exciting games where players can try their hand at winning, from the widely popular Magic: The Gathering to family classics like Ticket To Ride to the brand new Golem Arcana. We didn’t really have time to play in a lot of tourneys, as taking part would usually mean devoting at least half a day to it. I guess being Singaporeans, we would much rather spend our time shopping and looking for bargains!







But it was still lots of fun just watching some of the matches taking place. We did, however managed to take part in a couple of quick Heroclix Battle Royale matches, where we play with whatever figures we get to draft from a single booster box. Glad to say that my friend won both games playing the new figures from the Guardians of the Galaxy set and walked away with a couple of highly sought-after limited edition Marvel figures.





Pazio’s Pathfinder games had a huge presence at Gen Con this year. I have played their Pathfinder Adventure Card Game several months ago and enjoyed it but never got into their role-playing system. But hundreds and hundreds of gamers did as they filled up one of the huge rooms above the main exhibit halls, for some serious role-playing action. It definitely seemed like a lot of fun!


Besides the popular Pathfinder games, the upstairs rooms were also hosts to writing seminars, model painting competitions and other gaming or fantasy-related activities.





There really is so much going on in this year’s Gen Con and coming up next, costumes, cosplayers and more!


Melvin Yong has worked way too long in the media and advertising industry. He now spends his time with his family, writing short horror stories and playing lots of board games.

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