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Locally-designed The Artemis Project blasts through Kickstarter stretch goals

Full disclosure: Writer Daryl Chow is the designer of The Artemis Project, and also a HereBeGeeks contributor, and he’s here to tell you about his new game. Other full disclosure: The Artemis Project sounds very cool, and has quite easily passed its Kickstarter goal. – Ed.

Locally-designed The Artemis Project is a science-fiction themed strategic worker-placement game that transports players to Europa, an ice-encrusted moon of Jupiter, where resources are scarce and the landscape is unpredictable. Like a souped-up Snowcat, the game has trundled through 13 stretch goals on Kickstarter, with a number more to come in the next one-and-a-half days, especially with your support. 

Life is harsh, so you have to play hard. Only the shrewdest players will be able to eke out a victory through the cunning placement of their dice, which you can allocate to a variety of different action spots on the board. Through unique and innovative mechanics, both high and low dice have their place in this snowscape. High dice allow you to take stronger actions, but may get edged out by lower dice. In the Gantry, however, beware the opposite. And Expeditions pose yet another challenge, as high dice are necessary, but low dice can come in to swipe rewards!

The Artemis Project has already garnered lots of critical praise on all of the popular gaming sites for its unique artwork and gameplay, and is primed to hit the gaming universe around May next year. What’s special about being in Singapore as compared to literally anywhere else in the galaxy is that backing the game means you can avoid shipping costs entirely through local pickup – even backers in the USA will need to pay US$10 for shipping!

You can still contribute to the project and unlock even more sweet stuff for the game for everyone, so log on to Kickstarter here to support local! 

If you are checking this out after the 6th of October, fear not as you can still place pre-orders for the retail version at Card Board Crew meetups all the way up to its release in May.

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