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Kustom Ork Jetbikes (Kitbashed Deffkoptas) Part 2: Painting

Continuing from last week’s post, we now come to painting the Jetbike/Deffkoptas. My Orks are the Bruvverhood of Steal, which is why they all come in the blue and yellow vaultdweller colours. (Hunh, I just realised I never showed my painted Uni-kans yet. I’ll need to rectify that soemtime). Anyways, I started off with priming all the bits that were going to be yellow with white primer.

Then yellow and some gradients for that vault dweller stripe. I also painted some of the flaps and part of the engines yellow for a bit of colour contrast.

I then airbrushed the pilots brown, masked all that I needed to mask (stripe, flaps, etc), and painted the whooole thing blue. I’ve come upon a really good mix for a strong dark blue that I really like; P3’s exile blue with some brown/black, then Exile blue, then P3 Cygnar highlight.

Look at those gradients! Aren’t they prettyyyyy??? And here they are unmasked. I have to say I’m really blown away as to how important a white primer is for yellow. My yellow never looks so vibrant. I’ll have to do this for all subsequent paintjobs involving yellow.

Incidentally, if you like my yellow (I LOVE it), it’s P3 Hearthfire -> Beastial Brown -> Umbral Umber. I think Hearthfire is equivalanet to Sunburst Yellow and Umbral Umber is equivalent to Scorched brown.

Then the boring bits of laying down the colours for the metal and other bits of the Deffkoptas. I didn’t want to spend that much time so I only did 1-2 levels of highlighting for them.

Here they are assembled and ready for weathering.

I have a few steps for weathering now. Firstly, I wanted to have some chipped paint, so that would be your traditional stippling. Then some weathering powder (I was just playing around with it), then your oil wash for lining the armor panels, general grunging up, and some soot streaking here and there. Here they are with the paint chips but nothing else…

And here they are after the gloss varnish, oil wash and oil-paint soot streaks.

Finally, a matt varnish application, and some quick OSL airbrushing for searchlights and other light sources (cos they’re fun). And they’re done! Only needed like 2-3 weeks of OCD obsession to finish! I really need to take less time with my Orks… >.>;;


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