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Kraken Colossal Unboxing

I was lucky enough to unbox and play with someone else’s Kraken (no not THAT Kraken, the Privateer Press Cryx Colossal; get your mind out of the gutter), and I’m more than happy to show you how Cryx’s new Colossal gets put together in this week’s Workshop Wednesday.

PS: The Stormwall is still cleaned and prepped, but I’m waiting for some bits to make my base, so I haven’t been able to continue on that front… but fret not! I’ve been working on a lot of other stuff as well (not necessarily PP though), so I WILL have a workshop wednesday for next week too!

Ok we start off with what we did for the Stormwall, this time it’s a Vitruvian…. Cepahlopod… or whatever the Kraken is.

It’s interesting to note how the Kraken’s legs are built. Essentially all the load bearing parts or long and thin parts of the Kraken are metal (my assumption being that resin would be too delicate). The hips are metal, and the Kraken’s legs are a good compromise between fragile resin and expensive pewter; with a core of pewter fit with resin on the outside for the details and stuff (I think that’s also how the Conquest legs are like but I’ll need to check that when I get it in).

It fits on very nicely, but I think there’s a bit more flash on the Kraken than on the Stormwall I opened up last week. It might be the more organic lines and spiky bits as opposed to the Apple-like curves and elegance of the Stormwall, I’m not sure. Still, it looks like they clean up easily enough.

Very nicely enough, the PP folks have made nice notches for everything to make sure you know how to fit everything in. For example, the 28375 quadrillion smoke stacks you have to glue in, and the blaster amd tentacle and Unicorn cannon bits. I have to admit the smokestacks and bulbous head/torso looks really creepy like that.

In fact the notches are nice and large and deep for the tentacles and cannons that I think you could afford to just glue them in with superglue and they should stay in. If you want to magnetize the tentacles and Unicorn cannon though I’d recommend a pin to go along with it; there’s gonna be too much torque otherwise.

And here’s the Kraken in all it’s assembled glory (thanks to Zombieboy), ready to rise from the deep and destroy ships, warjacks and warcasters in the name of the Dragonfather!


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