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Workshop Wednesday: Kitbashed Ork Lootas and Boomhowlers

Just a quick look at what I’ve been painting recently. There’s a 1000pts newbie tournament over at Gamersaurus Rex at the end of March that I’m intending to join, so I decided to fill out my Lootas to be used in that tourney. Not a lot of recorded photos, so this will have to make do. I kitbashed most of them; I bought a lot of weapon bits in the years past, figuring that any Ork Mek needs a huge bits pile. It came in handy with these lootas, with them toting lascannons, fusion blasters and miniguns.

I airbrushed the basic colours where I could and hand painted the rest. Over here you see one of my Ork Walker buggies that have been half assembled since time immemorial. He was looking at me all funny so I figured it was finally time for me to finish him up.

Here are them assembled pre oil-wash (I’ve finally worked out my oil washes and it does seem to really help grunging things up, and it really helps lining armor panels).

And post oil wash, joining the rest of their Ork Loota buddies as well as some Boomhowlers which I have owned for YEARS (like 6-7 years) but never got around to painting until over the holidays.

And in case you want to see them up close, here are the Boomhowlers by themselves.


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