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Khador Plastic Heavy Jack: Part 2

We’ll be holding our subsequent miniature painting/modelling articles on Wednesdays in the future, so sorry about the slight delay in this article. But you’re here for the continuation from last week’s walkthrough on Privateer Press’ new Khador Heavy Warjack kit, so….

We start off with a photo of all the primed bits; apologies for the poor photos as I made do with what I had…

And end with how it looks like completed:

Walkthrough under the cut.

We start off with a close up of the base I did. In my fluff, this Jack is part of Khador’s 2nd Army (1st Assault Legion), which is used in spearheading attacks into the toughest regions. You can see he’s been hard at work from the clues on his base; I used a watch part or two to denote destroyed jack parts, and some plasticard I-beams to serve as warped metal girders.

Next up I tried something new on my jack; masking liquid. Masking liquid is used to (duh) mask the underlying paint from being painted over. You can use it to make sure you don’t mess up by covering you previous paintjobs, do designs using negative space, but in this case, I used it to weather my jack, much like this tutorial here.

First I painted the rust colour; one coat of dark brown followed but successive drybrushing and stippling of brighter orange and red-browns.

The tutorials ask you to use a ragged sponge, but with such a small piece I figured a crappy played brush was random and organic enough to make a suitable substitute. I just stippled a bit of the fluid over the places I wanted the rust to show, before painting over the masking material.

After all the shading and highlighting was done, I then attacked all the masking fluid bits with a piece of blutack…

And… voila!

Since I had a lot of model to go through (a Jack plus enough arms for 5 loadouts) I feel like applying a level of paint for the rust, then another for the masking fluid didn’t seem a cost effective use of time, so I ended up going the ‘paint on’ route for all of my later weathering. The rust chips are really pretty though!

Moving on to painting. I basecoated with Skorne Red, Greatcoat grey, Brassy Brass and Shining Gold, then started working on the highlighting and shading (all colours are P3 or Vallejo Game Colours).

Gold/Brass: I more or less adapted the mix that was mentioned in PP’s Forces of Cygnar book for their golds.
1st Shade: A mix of Sanguine Base and Brown Ink.
2nd Shade: Add in Battlefield Brown and some Black Ink into the 1st Shade.
1st Highlight: Clean up with some Brassy Brass
2nd Highlight: Add in some shining gold to the brassy brass
3rd Highlight: Spot highlights with a mix of shining gold and platinum silver.

Metal: This was also quite similar to PP’s Cygnar metal mix.
1st Shade: Greatcoat grey and a bit of Black ink.
2nd Shade: Add in a bit more black ink and a smidge of black paint to the mix. This should only be in the most recessed areas.
1st Highlight: Clean up with Gunmetal
2nd Highlight: Mix some platinum silver in with the Gunmetal
3rd Highlight: Finish the spot highlights with thin lines of pure platinum silver.

I went with a warmer brownish red for this model to contrast the cooler grays (vs the purplish reds that I usually use on my models). Here’s the general mix on how I achieved my reds; basically just add more and more of the next highlight or shade colour until you get to the pure shadow or highlight.

Battlefield Brown -> Skorne Red (Base) -> Khador Red Base -> Khador Red Highlight

To bring the colours back again I then glazed the reds over a few times with a thin mix of red ink and matte medium. This also ups the intensity of the red and gives it a nice rich colour.

I’m not too happy with my greys. I think the transitions might have been a bit too obvious. Perhaps more mixes would have helped, or maybe a glazing down of the original (base) colour. I think maybe one more transition colour between greatcoat grey and my final highlight would have helped too.

Coal Black -> Greatcoat Grey -> Frostbite

After that was done I went to do some freehand in the form of the Khador Insignia, as well as the logo of the parts of my army in this colour scheme; the 1st assault legion.

I proceeded with some weathering by chipping and scratching the paint. Paint chips were done by painting battlefield brown onto the jack to denote the areas where paint had flaked off and rust had set in. I then painted the bottom part of the chip a highlight of the base colour (frostbite/grey or khador red highlight/red) and black on the top part, to give it the 3d illusion. Of course, I had to chip off the paint on the freehand as well. Scratches were also added in the highlight colour.

Here’s the final photos, but if you want to see details of all the alternate jacks you can get more (and vote!) at my CMON page.



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