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Hordes: More Domination Info!

Thought I should get some of this out there while the info was still fresh, but we’ve got some (albeit blurry) photos of the new Hordes Domination stuff from Comiccon! Props to I-am-robot of the PP Forums who was kind enough to think of all the fans out there and got to snap off some photos! If you can drop him a thank you or something. 😉

Privateer Press have also been super busy even after what must have been a really busy Comiccon weekend and were kind enough to grace us with 2 new warlocks from Hordes: Domination (and Alexia, who I guess will be in the NEXT warmachine book?), but more on that later. Comiccon pics now!

One of the things I’ve always wanted: a lightning troll! Always made sense with slag, winter and pyre that we’d get an elemental to round out the bunch. Chances are he’s going to be a ranged light. It’d be awesome if he was a heavy though.

I guess it’s an argus? According to I-am-robot, it might just be alternate art of a normal argus so it’s not necessarily a new weapon loadout argus or character argus, but I wouldn’t mind either.

Yes, circle is getting a flying beast. DAMMIT! At least everblight won’t be ruling the skies any more, even if they have giant Throney Battle Engines (that’s the EB Battle engine at the bottom… part of it anyway). And that gryphon looks AWESOME. I hope the model does the art justice.

More Everblight goodies. This looks like a duneworm/razorwurm type warbeast, with its serpentine shape and legs. I’m guessing burrow? Not sure what else it will bring.

And on to the new releases displayed today!

First up: Alexia. She’s already been spoilered from Lock and Load, as well as unboxed by the awesome people at Lost Hemisphere (whom I’m a huge fan of), but it’s always nice to see a high def image of her studio model.

On to the meat and potatoes of the day, it’s firstly Maelok the Dreadbound, Zombie crocodile warlock. Apparently he can reanimate/regenerate as well as incorporealize his army, and as someone who has to fight against the dread that is a souped up gatorman posse pretty regularly, I can tell you ghostly we’ll be back gatormen are not something I’m looking forward to.

Lastly, Grayle the Farstrider. Circle’s wolves of orboros warlock, I am guessing he’s definitely going to have synergies with the Wolves. Whether or not he’s an infantry lock or a lock that concentrates on movement and related shenanigans still remains to be seen. I’m not a huge fan of his model though; that lungey tiptoe pose looks a bit uncomfortable, but he should be reposable easily enough.

And that’s it! But I’m willing to bet there’s going to be a LOT more stuff to see at Gencon next week….


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