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Grind Part 4


In a fit of masochism I figured that not only did I need magnetized Grind models, I also needed proper scenic bases. Yes, the Grind models come with molded bases (with the grills running across them), but I wanted MORE scenic. Obsessive compulsive much?

So I got me some grooved plasticard (or sheet styrene, you can find them on ebay or the like) and cut out them out to fit the bases. They came out pretty rough so I took my trusty dremel with sanding disc and sanded them down to shape. After that I painted them gunmetal, and in the interests of having differing bases (there’s my obsessive compulsiveness again) went with some freehand for the bases; numbers as well as the faction icons of Khador and Cygnar.


You’ll notice that the bases are differently sized. All the Grind models came with large bases, but I replaced the bases used for the light jacks (or runners in Grind parlance) with medium bases that I had lying around (since I play Trollbloods, I have them coming out the wazoo). I also grunged up the bases some by slopping on a lot of ink and washes to simulate grime; Devlan Mud, Gryphonne Sepia, and various mixes of green, black and brown ink.

Now, on to the minis themselves. Now, I never planned for them to be super awesome (just about tabletop standard was fine by me) so I really didn’t spend a lot of time on the minis. I started with a Sanguine Base basecoat for the Khador Jacks, followed by quick highlights with more Skorne red, ending with pure Skorne red. Metals were embarrassingly simple, with the steel being Gunmetal and a quick drybrush of Mithril Silver, and the Gold being Tin Bitz, with drybrushes of Dwarf Bronze, Burnished Gold and a Burnished Gold-Mithril Silver mix.

Unfortunately I forgot to save in progress shots of the Cygnar jacks, but they were base coated Regal blue, and then Highlighted up with more and more Magic blue, and lastly with some Sky blue thrown into the mix. Here are some of the jacks as they are now. I then accented both the Khador and Cygnar Jacks with danger stripes; laying down the basecoat with Iyanden Darksun followed by some Moldy Ochre, and cleaning up the stripes with black again.

You’ll notice that all the arms (except the Jack specific ones) come in the basic colours of black, grey, steel and bronze. That was on purpose. Since they’re not colour specific, I can mix and match arms to give me Jacks that might not be legal in Grind but would serve as some interesting enemies if I ever care to use them in an RP, or maybe in some friendly games of Warmachine!

You’ll also notice that the Cygnar jack has a long cannon. That was some quick modding with plasticard in case I ever decided that I needed an extra Defender (I don’t even play Cygnar yet), but I like to plan for every eventuality).


Here’s the Khador Jack all painted up. I think I’m about done with the Grind models for now; I’ve got the Khador Heavy Jack Plastic Kit a while back and I think I’m going to be pretty distracted painting that up. Grind was more of a learning exercise, and learn I have! Maybe when I’ve got some time I’ll return to this little project again.



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  1. If there’s one reason why I will buy Grind it will be that flail arm to replace Mangler’s crappy one

  2. really? I prefer the mangler’s one. Then again, I modded mine also so maybe I can’t talk =p

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