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Assuming Direct Control: Part 2

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Chapter 2: The sacred, evolved

Due to inexplicable faults, the Tomb World was unable to revive all of its security at the same time. With the Necrons awakened seemingly at random, the Triumvirate was able to focus the might of their expedition and combat the Tomb World’s defenders piecemeal. This did not mean that the battles would be easily fought or won. The might of an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleet, no matter how brilliant, pales against the power that can be leveraged by an entire Necron Tomb World. In fact, the Triumvirate and their fleet would have been destroyed, if not for certain steps that were taken. Steps from which there would be no turning back from.

The first step was the bio-forging of the servitors the Triumvirate brought with them. The original servitors were all too easily destroyed by the seemingly ceaseless tide of Necrons. In order to increase their regenerative capabilities, the Genetor decided to add Tyranid genestuff to the original genetic matrix. The mixes were suitably studied, and it was calculated that the risk of catastrophic interaction of between living sequences was at an acceptable level.

The second step was the intermingling of necrodermis. Through the containment and subsequent probing of the necron husks, the Triumvirate was able to understand some of the secrets of the necrodermis. While their knowledge was incomplete and results inelegant, it was sufficient to meld bio-mimetic metal onto an organic frame.

It took untold millenia, but the Triumvirate was able to finally cleanse the world of all traces of active Necron activity. This was not an easy task, and in order to do so the Triumvirate made the momentous decision to add the Necrons’ regenerative technologies to their own, as well as repurpose any weaponry against the Necrons themselves. This would be a decision the Triumvirate would not be able to turn back from.


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