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Assuming Direct Control: Part 1

For too long have I let the maggots burrow within my world…
For too long have I allowed the scions of Mars to unearth my hidden secrets…
For they have unravelled my prison, and I am now…


On Sunday, I promised better pictures of my Armies on Parade board. I also felt that some of you might be interested in the fluff. Essentially, my army tells of a rogue, heretical Adeptus Mechanicus explorator fleet as it heads to a Necron tomb world and slowly gets corrupted by the C’Tan shard within. I wrote in as much Xenos and Chaos as I could, to keep my options as open as possible. My inspirations have already been mentioned, but I wanted the look to be as bio-mechanical horror as possible. Those of you who played Mass Effect 2 may have recognized the phrase, and that’s no accident. I actually started off with visuals from the game; it’s why I have reaper-ized Hanar, and why my army wears the red stripe of the white N7 armor.

And now, the fluff proper…

Chapter 1: Knowledge is the root of all heresy

There are whispers that the Omnissiah on Mars is a lie, and that its true form is the C’tan known as the Void Dragon. These whispers are ruthlessly quashed by the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Adeptus Astartes alike. However, just because a whisper is not said does not mean it is not thought. Before the Schism of Mars, a Magos believed that these rumours should be investigated, for any information is vital, and if the Omnissiah was ultimately a lie, then to break the deception as early as possible would surely be a blessing to the Adeptus Mechanicus. And so, the Magos gathered with him an Explorator and Genetor. All three were among the foremost in their field as well a gifted in the study of Xenos technology, but all the name of all three were lost to the ravages. Some say even they have forgotten their own names, or that they have intentionally erased any information that may reveal any weaknesses. Whatever the case may be, they have henceforth only been known as the Triumvirate.

The triumvirate would lead, but an expedition would need help. Servitors and automata were provided, both to provide menial labour as well as security to the group. This task was considered of such importance that they were even able to requisition some troops from the Dusk Raiders. These members of the Adeptus Astartes were naturally kept in the dark, for fear that they would revolt if they ever learned the dangerous truth of the mission. In fact, the very existence of their expedition was erased by the Adeptus Mechanicus after their departure.

For centuries they wandered, through systems dominated by Imperium, Chaos and Xenos alike. All in the expedition took to augmentation (both biological and cybernetic) in order to stave off the ravages of time, as well as to be able to perform their duties effectively. It was during these treatments that the triumvirate took steps to ensure that the Adeptus Astartes under them remained ultimately loyal to them.

Finally their wandering seemed to be at an end. Following the destruction of a Dark Eldar raiding party, the expedition learned of the location of a forgotten Necron Tomb World. It was in rumored that this Tomb World contained the truth about the Void Dragon. With the end in sight, the Triumvirate’s expedition landed on the Tomb World.

However, finding this world was merely the next step of their seemingly endless quest. The Tomb World was silent, and any probe by the expedition regarding the Void Dragon’s true identity and location came to naught. It was a Tomb World after all, and a small truth can be very hard to find when buried within a world. Especially when that truth does not want to be found. In order to defend its secrets, the Tomb World awakened its guardians long asleep for millenia. The Triumvirate faced its most deadly challenge yet.

Part 2 coming soon…


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