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Consolidated Warmachine Wrath Spoilers

Apparently some guys have gotten Wrath shipped to them already, and are giving out spoilers for just about the entire Warmachine Wrath Book. These are consolidated spoilers for Warmachine Wrath from the Focus and Fury forums, GTM Magazine, and Bell of Lost souls. I tried to reword them to make them easier to understand, but the chinese whispers/broken telephone effect MAY be in place, so if you guys want it straight from the horse’s mouth (or in case they update with more spoilers) I recommend you guys check those out too.

Also, this doesn’t have any of the previously revealed spoilers, if you want those we’ve got an earlier post that takes care of your needs. :)

Having said that… SPOILERS HO! (I would say more than half of the book revealed under the cut).

11 June Update: Added Rocinante, Nicia, Eliminators, Minutemen, and a few more. Got more detailed wording on Ossyan’s feat. The F&F Boards are awesome.
13 June Update: Added Rover, Avenger, and added details for some. All entries in Wrath should be spoiled in some way or another now. Also, remember to take everything with as much salt as you can find. We’ll only know the full details when Wrath releases. :).



Constance Blaize: (Ally I think) Warcaster
6 Focus
Spells:  Banishing ward, Crusaders call, Flashing blade, Sunburst (rng10″ aoe 3″ pow13, models boxed are removed from play. Blast dmg only affects enemy models), Transference
Feat: For one round, Constance Blaize gains a soul token for every living friendly model killed in her control radius. Each soul token provides +1 ARM to Constance Blaize and all friendly warrior models within her control radius. At the start of the next round, convert all soul tokens on Constance Blaize into focus. (Similar to Terminus except its only friendly models that are killed and other warrior models share the armor benefit)

Minuteman: Light Warjack
Advance deployment, bounding leap, flak field
2 melee weapons
2 range weapons: slug gun
PC 5

Avenger: Heavy Warjack
Stats: Hammersmith
Points: Centurion
Ranged weapon: RNG as Millitary Rifle, POW (14?), AOE as Mage Storm, Effect as Earthquake on Direct Hit Only
Lance: P+S as Centurion’s spear, Mechanikal Seizure

Gallant: Heavy Character Warjack
Triumph stat line (rat -1, def +1)
Weapon P+S: 17 and 14
Arcane accumulator: Precursor Knights
Affinity (Constance Blaize): Gains Purgation
Shield guard

Triumph: Heavy Character Warjack
Captain Jonas: Unit attachment

Archduke Alain Runewood: Solo
PC 3
Jack marshal, commander, fearless
Elite Cadre (Sword knights): Gain reform (after knights have completed their actions they may advance up to 3″)
Sacrificial pawn (faction warjack)
Battle plan: Choose one of the following during activation
1. overcome
2. path to victory
3. reveille
Hand cannon
Vindicator (melee): Magical Weapon, weapon master

Stormstrider: Battle Engine


Protectorate of Menoth

Thyra’s theme force
Allowed: SPD5 non-char jacks, Choir, Daughters, Flamebringers, Nicia.
Tier 1 – can take as many units of Daughters as you want.
Tier 2 – can’t remember what’s needed – jacks get advance move
Tier 3 – take Nicia – army is hard to hit with ranged attacks in the first turn.
Tier 4 – take Blood of Martyrs – as Amon’s tier 4

Thyra: Warcaster
6 Focus
Spells:   Carnage, Occultation, Pursuit, Silence of death, Stranglehold
Feat: Place her within 2″ of current position, and all others in control area activate and do the same.
Elite Cadre (daughters of the flame): Gain vengeance
2 Melee Attacks: Weapon Master

Sanctifier: Heavy Warjack
Reckoner chassis with stats to match.
Sanctifier PC as Fire of Salvation.
Weapon: Pow 17 with reach.
Collects souls within 5″ of himself. Souls turn to focus. Can’t end up with more than normal focus allocation.
Aura – enemy looses Incorporeal within RNG as Enliven.
Melee – Pow as Reckoner’s club, Reach.
Standard open fist.

Blood of Martyrs: Heavy Character Warjack
Reckoner Stats, Fire of Salvation’s Points.
Melee weapon x2: P+S as Castigator’s fists.
Affinity (Thyra): Sidestep
Hand of Vengeance – as Righteous Vengeance except +2 to attack and damage rolls instead of moving.

Scourge of heresy: Heavy Character Warjack
Attendant priest: Unit attachment
Flameguard cleanser officer: Unit attachment

Nicia, Tear of vengence: Character Solo
Mat 7 Def 16 Pow 11
AD, fearless, stealth, quick work, sprint, acrobatics, rapid strike, gunfighter and virtuoso.
Sword Cannon
Blade: Reach, weapon master

Vessel of judgment, Battle Engine (9 points)
Damage (D3?) itself to boost damage and attack rolls
Ranged weapon: 12”, POW 15. Admonisher (Creates d3 POW 10 hits on the nearest enemy unit)

Do d3 Damage to itself to perform miracles:
1: stops all animi (and?) continuous effects on all models in command range
2: When a friendly model in command range is boxed: Model makes full advance and 1 normal attack. Model cannot be targeted by free strikes while doing so.
3: Enemies within 2″ suffer continuous fire and is pushed 4″ away.



6 Focus
Spells:  Broadside, Escort, Fortune, Jump start,  Razor wind
Feat : cntrl in battlegroup gain +3 arm, free charges or slams, if chargin or slaming make a free range attk before advancing 1 rnd.
Weapon: Beat back, Critical stagger

Demolisher: Heavy Warjack
2 ranged attacks
2 melee attacks
Gunfighter, armored shell, girded, bulldoze

Black Ivan: Heavy Character Warjack
Affinity (Harkevich): Gain boosted ranged attack rolls.
Bombard: Critical brutal damage

Torch: Heavy Character Warjack

Battle mechanic officer: Unit attachment
Granted: while officer is in play mechanics may repair damged man o war’s.

Kayazy eliminators: Ally Unit
Stealth, acrobatics, duelist, gang, side step
Assassin blade: combo strike(*)

Captain Valachev: Unit attachment
Gun Carriage: Battle Engine



7 Focus
Spells: Death ward, Excarnate, Feast of worms (aoe 4″, POW 12 Offensive Upkeep Spell. Arm -2 while in AOE), Ghost walk, Icy grip, Telekinesis.
Feat: Friendly faction models in control area get boosted magic attack rolls. Reduce Scaverous’ spell cost by 1 and increase enemy animi and spell cost by 1. Lasts for 1 round.
Weapon: Magic Weapon, Reach, *Thresher

Scavenger: Light Warjack

Desecrator: Heavy Warjack
PC: 9
Pathfinder, amphibious, steady,
Plaguebringer: rng 9 rof 1 aoe 4 pow 12 corrosion, scather (aoe remains for 1 round causing non-friendly faction models 1 pt corrosion damage)
Vivisector: Critical Shred
Arcane Accumulator (Banes): Gains 1 focus if it starts its activation within 3″ of banes.

Erebus: Heavy Character Warjack
Affinity (Scaverous):  Scaverous gains souls that Erebus kills
Overtake, Poltergeist
Weapons have combo strike.

Malice: Heavy Character Warjack
Revenant crew rifleman: Weapon attachment

Iron lich overseer: Solo
Jack marshal, commander, terror, undead, circular vision, soul matrix, soul taker
Soul Matrix: While in this model’s command range during their activation, warjacks controlled by this model can spend soul tokens on this model to gain additional attacks or to boost attack or damage rolls at one token per attack or boost.
Magic (7): Cloak of darkness (Stealth to the Lich. Stealth to jacks he controls in B2B), dark fire
Staff: Magic weapon, reach

Wraith engine, Battle Engine


Retribution of Scyrah

Archarcanist Ossyan
7 Focus, 6 WJ Points
Stats (in order): 6,5,5,6,15,15,8
Spells: Admonition, Arcantrik Bolt, Chronomancer (battle group gains future sight while in command range), Quicken , Shatter storm
Feat: While in his control area enemies roll 1 less attack die for ranged attacks. When resolving a ranged attack damage roll against enemy models within ossyan’s ctrl area, friendly faction models roll 1 additional damage die. Lasts for 1 round.

Weapon 1 has Dispel
Weapon 2 has Temporal distortion: Range 12, on hit place a 4″ aoe on (I think an enemy) model, stays for one round. AOE moves with that model. AOE causes -2 DEF. Model starting activation in AOE cannot run or charge.

Aspis: Light Warjack
PC 4
Field dependent
Pheonix field
Shield guard
Beat back

Banshee: Heavy Warjack
SPD 5 STR 10 MAT 6 RAT 5 DEF 12 ARM 19
No force fields, but 30 boxes
Wailing: Enemy models within 5″ cannot receive or give orders and cannot cast spells
Critical grievous wounds

Daemon: Heavy Warjack
SPD 5 STR 10 MAT 6 RAT 5 DEF 12 ARM 19
No force fields, but 30 boxes
Vortex blast

Sphinx: Heavy Warjack
SPD 5 STR 10 MAT 6 RAT 5 DEF 12 ARM 19
No force fields, but 30 boxes
Psychic relay: models hit suffer-2 def against magic attack rolls. Lasts for 1 turn.
Cannon: RNG 10 ROF 1 POW 12
Heavy force claw: Open Fist, Reach
Light force claw: Open Fist

Discordia : Heavy Character Warjack

Hypnos: Heavy Character Warjack
No force fields, but 32 boxes
Arc node
Affinity (Ossyan): Hynos’ranged weapons gain void lock (disrupts arc nodes and prevents focus allocation)
Sacred ward
Weapons cause mechanical seizure

Heavy rifle team: Weapon Crew
House shyeel artificer: Solo
Arcantrik force generator: Battle Engine



6 Focus
Spells: Convection, Dead eye, Death march, Sure foot, Warpath

Rover : Heavy Warjack
PC 8
Same stats at Nomad.
Has Axe, Shield Cannon, Shield
Shield Cannon is same range as a military rifle (I think) and POW equals Nomad’s fist.
Also has the Ability that Sea Dogs have to make a melee attack with its gun.

Rocinante: Heavy Character Warjack
Affinity(damiano): while in damiano’s control area rocinante gains quick work
defensive strike, guard dog
Battle blade: Reach, p+s=17
Cannon: rng 14 rof 1 aoe 3 pow14

Ogrun assault corps: Unit

Sylys: Character Solo
Mercenary: Will work for Cygnar, Khador and Retribution
Retribution partisan
Warcaster Attachment (can attach to a friendly Warcaster)
Arcane assist: Upkeep 1 spell for free:
Arcane secrets:  Roll one extra die for magic attack and damage rolls, discarding the lowest
Spiritual conduit

Ragman: Character Solo


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