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Combined Wrath Previews and Spoilers

In a strange counterpoint to all the GW Doom that we’ve been hearing, here’s some awesome Wrath Previews courtesy of Privateer Press, Bell of Lost Souls, and the interwebs! We haven’t done a Minis Week in Review in a while, so here’s hopefully all the Wrath Previews in one convenient spot! Maybe it’ll distract all of us from the depression that is GW news.


First up is Archduke Runewood who just got previewed recently. Hopefully he’ll bring back the swordknights to the forefront of Cygnaran Battles; they’ve always been one of my favourite Cygnar units.

The Storm Strider has also been spoiled with the following stats:

Spd: Siege
Mat: Siege-1
Rat: Siege
Def: Siege-4
Arm: siege+1
HP: 22
PC: 9

2x RNG 14 POW 15 Electric Cannons, with crit disruption and lightning generator (see Storm Tower)

Immune to Electricity, Gunfighter, 360 LOS
When it’s hit by a ranged or melée attack, it gains a power token. Can boost attack and damge rolls with them.
When hit by a melée attack, enemy model is pushed away 1 inch.
+2 to attacks by electric attacks from the Storm Strider or friendly models 5″ from the Sotrm Strider.

I fully expect the Storm Strider to be stupidly scary against non-immune rank and file troops. I think with all the lightning Jumpers Cygnar can be considered the king of infantry killers.

Lastly, a quick teaser for Gallant. He’s definitely going to be taken with Precursor Knights… and I wonder if this means we can do Morrowan and Thamarite Armies now.

Cygnar Morrowan Ally Character Heavy Warjack
Accumulator [Morrowan] – When this model begins its activation within 3˝ of one or more friendly Morrowan models, it is allocated 1 focus point.


Gun Carriage
Khador Cavalry Battle Engine
SPD: Jugg +3
STR: Jugg
MAT: Jugg
RAT: Jugg + 1
Def: Jugg
Arm: Jugg

HP: Arcantrik Force Generator +2
PC: AFG – 1

Can Make Trample Power Attacks. Can make initial melee and ranged power attacks in same turn. Can make ranged attacks even while in melee.

Heavy Cannon (2, one left one right):
RNG: Bombard -2
AOE: Mortar
Pow: Bombard
AOE makes rough terrain for 1 round.

Military Rifle: Same stats as WG Riflemen, but 360 LOS

Mount: Uhlan Mount POW. Has Knockdown (not crit knockdown). Can charge and make melee attacks with mount.

Insta knockdown with a MAT 8 on a charge attack? 2 Pow 14 AOEs? I REALLY want to see if I can use them well in a Strakhov game. I only need to see how I’m going to clear a charge lane for a CD-sized base.

Battle Mechanik Officer
Khador Unit Attachment

Granted: Man-O-War Mechanik – While this model is in play, models in its unit can make a Repair special action to attempt to repair damaged Man-O-War models as if they were warjacks. Models in this modelʼs unit with Assist Repair can make an Assist Repair special action to assist in the repair of Man-O-War models.

Mechaniks going from only being able to repair Jacks to being able to repair, Jacks, Battle Engines and MOW. I really think I will start to see some mechaniks in the table soon.


Blood of Martyrs
Protectorate Character Heavy Warjack
Hand of Vengeance – When one or more friendly Faction warrior models are destroyed or removed from play by enemy attacks while within 5” this model, this model gains +2 on attack and damage rolls for one round.

As Thyra’s personal jack, Blood of Martyrs is a supersized dervish, and I’m guessing fighteningly full of offensive capabilities. Just from Hand of Vengeance and a choir alone, it’s +4/+4. Imagine a jack buff on it too.

I’m also throwing in some of the NQ 35 spoilers. Some of you’ve probably got it in your hands, but I figure it’d be nice for it to be all consolidated into one spot.

Flameguard Cleanser UA
SPD: Cleanser
MAT: Cleanser +1
RAT: Cleanser +1

Cleanser Stats and Basic Abilities

Bushwhack (order)
Scouring Flames: Minifeat where the unit’s templates become SP10 but POW 10.
Sheet of Flame (* Action): Place a firewall template anywhere within 5″. Models that enter or end their activation inside take POW 12 and the fire continuous effect.


Wraith Engine
SPD: Slayer
MAT: Slayer
DEF: Jugg
ARM: Slayer +1
CMD: 10
HP: 20? 22?

Talon x 2: Reach, POW probably Slayer -1

Apparition (on one of the Retribution light Myrmidons), Wraith Walker (EDenny), Dark Shroud (Bane Thralls)
Ectoplasm: By spending a soul the Wraith engine can put down a small AOE cloud that provides concealment somewhere within its command range. It cannot benefit from this due to it being a massive base but it can help your guys moving up the line.
Wraith Walker: Just like Epic Denegra this guy can turn incorporeal for a turn if he wasn’t last turn. Great to help close distances.
Soul Collector: The driving force behind its abilities, every enemy living model killed within this thing’s command range gives it a soul. It is allowed to hold up to three at any given time and can use them for boosting attacks and damage which is pretty standard.
Unhollowed: gives an armor boost and immunity to blast damage to all friendly incorporeal models, including itself, within its command range.

Another preview from a whiles back is Erebus. I know most people don’t like him but I kinda do. With that long snout of his he’s like an evil technorganic Snuffleuppagus. All we need now is an undead Big Bird. Plus, I like the extra smokestacks (or whatever it is) that he has.

STATS: Totally same stats as the Stalker

Flight (see Everblight Beasts), Finisher (See Calandra), Sprint (See Strakhov and others)

The Scavenger is….. enh ok. I think for the cost I rather have the assassination potential of the Stalker. Finisher and Sprint though make for a very cautious jack, allowing it to kill targets of opportunity and then flee behind your frontlines.

Revenant Crew Rifleman
Stats: Totally Revenent Crew

CRA, Death Ties, Gang, Point Blank (like the Revenant Crew)

Actually, the Rifleman is really just a revenant crew with a RNG 14 POW 10 gun.


The most complete spoiler so far is of course the Arcantrik Force Generator, with the cards below. I think it’s pretty much a devil at ranged. What I’m curious to see though is if it’s worth the point cost. But considering Rapid Fire (2-4 RNG 16 POW 14 shots at RAT 9) could probably kill any caster it draws a bead to, and Momentum (lots of slammy goodness)… I’d say YES.

There’s a new spoiler for the new Daemon type Myrmidon too.

Vortex Cannon [1x] (<—>) RNG: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: * POW: 12
Vortex Blast – If this attack misses, nothing happens. If it directly hits an enemy model, before making the damage roll, push models within 2˝ of the model hit 2˝ directly toward it in the order you choose. Then center a 3˝ AOE on the model hit. Models hit suffer a POW 12 damage roll.

Hellmouth on a Retribution Jack is crazy. You know, between you and me, I think with this and the Storm Strider hitting the table, PP really wants to see the stock of 1hp infantry go down.

On to the NQ Spoilers…

Heavy Rifle Team
SPD: Weapon Crew Spd
MAT: Houseguard Riflemen
RAT: Houseguard Riflemen

Heavy Rifle: RNG 14, POW 7, Armor Piercing

House Shyeel Artificer (Solo)

SPD: Battlemage -1
STR: Battlemage +2
MAT: Battlemage +1
Def: Battlemage -1
ARM: Battlemage +5 (WHOA!)
Magic Ability: Battlemage
Force Barrier

Force Wall: Models within 3″ gain Force Barrier
Magno Blast: RNG 10, POW 13, if hit enemy model, all other models within 2″get sucked 1″ towards the hit model.
Polarity Field: See Centurion

At 8 HP and Arm 17, the Artificer should be pretty resilient in combat. His Magno Blast also contributes to even more movement shenanigans for the Retribution. At 3 points though he might be a bit pricey. However, I expect to see many Rifle Teams in the retribution armies. RNG 14 POW 7 AP rifles are nothing to scoff at, and I have to say they probably have the most awesome looking weapon crew ever. Wish I had Widowmaker weapon crews that looked like that.


(we’re guessing these)
FOC: 6?
MAT: 6? 7?
RAT: 5? 6?

Gun: Spend a focus to make it AOE 3 vs AOE –

Paymaster, but Damiano’s coins can only be spent on Steelheads. Coins can be spent to either give a unit Reform or give a unit +2 to ranged attack and damage. You can spend all your coins at once, or dole them out a turn at a time, but once you spend all of them, you lose Paymaster.

Feat: You give a bonus to str and arm to every friendly faction model in your control area, and your models can only move or be moved on your turn.

Spells: Convection, Deadeye, Sure Foot, Warpath, Death March.

I don’t care if Damiano has boring stats. His. Spells. Are. Gorram. Awesome. Deadeye turns Steelhead Riflemen into Widowmakers. Sure Foot, a lynchpin in a Madrak Brick should make a wall of infantry or jacks a lot harder to break. Death March will also benefit any infantry unit, although I’d love to see them on the Nyss Hunters.

The Ragman in NQ 35 also looks interesting. He can make him and models within 3″ gain dark shroud, and also has Calaban’s Bone Shaker spell. But while he has Sacrificial Pawn, I don’t know if his lack of stealth will mean that he’s not survivable enough. He’s only got your about average defense and armour after all.

A new preview has come out too. Looks like Sylys is a Retribution-Ally type solo maybe? He definitely has a ret colour scheme. I’m also curious what he will do; it sounds like he’s an arcane attachment that will buff caster spells.

And… that’s probably it. Did I miss anything out? Are there any details I could try to find out? Drop a comment!


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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