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Bruvvahood of Steal (40k Diorama Part 2)

Continuing from last week’s diorama, now I needed to cut out the Bruvvahood of Steal logo for the vault door.



I just used cereal box card for this.


I also cut out the ’13’ for the door, and the grooves for the gear door. This was followed by gluing in the walls, ceiling and floor.

I know a stairway isn’t the most logical way to get up into a vault, but it was the best solution that I could think of that would allow me to transition from the bottom to the top covers, and also not need any moveable parts. I also did a bit more dry fitting to make sure I didn’t make any big mistakes and could fit my army in. I put some space for two minis that would be on the back/top cover.



In order to lend a bit more height variation, I decided to add some levels to the bottom piece of the diorama. Just some slopes so that it wouldn’t be too flat.


Cutting out the grooves for all the minis to fit, I also added some rock and boulders to the bottom piece, also just to break up the height a bit. I also brushed on some primer on any areas that I guessed would be hard to reach for the airbrush at this point in time, in prep for painting.



Even though the back wall would be a vault, I figure the area in front of any Ork base would be littered with junk and weird bubbling pools of stuff, so I added some random pieces of scrap from my ork scrap pile. The green stuff puddles would be covered up with envirotex lite at the end. The back wall also had some vents attached with greenstuff and some junk littered around. I added two corner pieces as metal brackets for the ceiling so I could have some color variation throughout the wall as well. On hindsight, I should have textured the stone wall with wall filler, and I should not have attached the vent on the right, but it’s too late now.


Basing the diorama with sand and it’s done for now. Back to the models next!


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